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  1. vthomley

    Model 70 - Odd piece on the side

    Beautiful Model 70!
  2. vthomley

    there are a few out there yet

    Nice find! wish the one I found looked this nice! A year ago I got myself a 1450, 2nd owner, hid dad was the 1st owner I got a 1450, 50" deck, 42" snowthrower, a pile of receipts from tune-ups and repairs. My find was in very tough shape. I parted it. I was hoping for the best, hoping...
  3. vthomley

    Super steer axle question

    Go here for more info on the Super Steer conversion - Cub Cadet FAQ its #18 on the FAQ page Here is my red project with a super steer front axle installed. This one lifted the front, and then I added 18" tires, the rears are 27" tall. I have another front axle I could part with if anyone is...
  4. vthomley

    18x8.50-8 tri ribs on wide rims

    I saw those 18x8.50-8 tri ribs at Red Power Roundup last year - they are Huge! I chose 18x8.50-8 V61s for my Red Project, they are nice. Here's a pic showing comparison to 16x6.50-8 turfs
  5. vthomley

    Mini International Tractor spotted

    I have another piece to put in the top of the grill around the lights, a mini '66 light bracket. No rear work lights yet. I have not found anything that I like yet. None of the lights are hooked up yet either - all in time I guess. I figure I will stumble upon the perfect rear lighting someday.
  6. vthomley

    Finally finished my 1250.

  7. vthomley

    Mini International Tractor spotted

    I am thinking of an upright exhaust on the left side for I just saw one I like recently, different than the I had one on my 122 for 15 or so years which I recently removed. 5 Millionth IH Tractor - a 1066 - was painted special with a white hood and more. Someone has painted a Cub to look...
  8. vthomley

    Mini International Tractor spotted

    Grill was a Facebook purchase 2-3 years ago. I have a small hydro pump I hope to fit in the front of the motor
  9. vthomley

    Mini International Tractor spotted

    Fenders, seat support, footrests, and front weight bracket were all purchased from Scott Urschel. Fender Lights were found on Amazon. Front weights and wheel weights are all custom made. Original plan to to paint it like the one in the trailer but I really like how it looks so I might just...
  10. vthomley

    Mini International Tractor spotted

    After looking at my pic I see I left 2 front axle nuts in the field in eastern Iowa.
  11. vthomley

    Mini International Tractor spotted

    Thats nice, hopefully mine will look nice whenever I get done with it. This started as a 128, it now has a 14hp from a 1450 in it.
  12. vthomley

    Finally got the bug..

    Beautiful 129 and mowers! I think I need to get my 129 looking that nice, I do really like the red stipe on it.
  13. vthomley

    garden tractor daze, Portage WI 2021

    We were there yesterday, very nice show! Lotsa Cubs, lotsa other garden tractors. Interesting, we will probably be back next year
  14. vthomley


    Yes much better pics than a year ago, you can see 109 and a 149 in this pic. A carport/lean to for the back side of the shed has been discussed. Hail damaged the tarp shed.
  15. vthomley


    The 149s got together for a group pic yesterday, 8 in a row. Plus the 109 and 129 at the edge
  16. vthomley

    Brinly plow

    I found the thread from this, there were only 2 weights lost this day in 2011. hopefully Kraig drives by and sees a field of them growing lol. now my question is where did my other 2 weights disappear to? I had 12, lost 2, currently have 8, hmmm
  17. vthomley

    Brinly plow

    I'll have to go visit this field again, its been over 10 years, there might be lotsa weights growing lol
  18. vthomley

    Brinly plow

    Osceola Plow Day was fun! Well they all are or were fun, I am sure I have made my fair share of crooked furrows. I think Osceola was were I planted 4 front suitcase weights, plowed them under and never found them. I think I had 6 on the front, I saw the 5th fall off, and only found 1 of these 5.
  19. vthomley

    Brinly plow

    Plow depth is approx half the width of the plow. 10" plow approx 5 inches deep. Back in the day on the farm we plowed with 4-16", in some area we did plow 8" deep others maybe deeper, on rocky knolls we maybe scratched the surface.
  20. vthomley


    Think we have all been there doing something like this - just part of the fun I guess. Every time I change a motor or mess with the coil/condenser I question myself if I have it hooked up correctly.