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  1. Bruce Gourlay

    New to tractor life

    Welcome John. Everything you will ever need to know about your Cub is here and the people are great and very very helpful.
  2. Bruce Gourlay

    done with my cub cadet 1512

    Very beautiful job. Did you plan on doing the whole job or did it just turn out that way?
  3. Bruce Gourlay

    Mower Blade Nut Frozen

    There are 9 distilleries to choose from, Bowmore Whisky is my favourite.. plus mum worked there when she was around 18. Mum is was a 1942 model. So around 1960 she worked there.
  4. Bruce Gourlay

    Mower Blade Nut Frozen

    My mum was born in Islay so either. But i do prefer Laphroaig...
  5. Bruce Gourlay

    Mower Blade Nut Frozen

    This would make for a great conversation whilst all sitting around together enjoying a few nectars of the gods. Beer or a nice Scotch for me.. And talk about our nuts. 😆
  6. Bruce Gourlay

    Quietline 1000 Down under

    I liked the Chrome look myself but would have taken a lot of clear to leave them like that, that steel stuff just rusts to quick. And i checked all joints, shafts and more fore cracks, wear and more.
  7. Bruce Gourlay

    Single or Married.

    Was cubs couple the same age? Or were there a few years age difference 🤣😄
  8. Bruce Gourlay

    Single or Married.

    Does being single or married affect the amount of Cubs we have?
  9. Bruce Gourlay

    Quietline 1000 Down under

    And whilst waiting for an exhaust to be made. I was stupid and did this.
  10. Bruce Gourlay

    Quietline 1000 Down under

    Picked this up free. Can't really get parts easy in Australia, so even the seat is pretty ugly.. i did end up putting upholstery over the plastic chair until i can get a proper one.
  11. Bruce Gourlay

    New to cub cadet

    Welcome Scott, I am only a newbie still in a way myself. I come from Australia for the wealth of information here. Plus the helpful and nice people here make the stay definitely worthwhile.
  12. Bruce Gourlay

    I think I have an incurable disease

    And people wonder why we say old stuff is better..46 model and running. Fantastic find.. all be it through a friend.
  13. Bruce Gourlay


    Welcome Keith, I'm from the land down under and this site is perfect for looking after your cub cadet. I managed to get the last part of mine done thanks to the knowledge here.
  14. Bruce Gourlay

    Finally finished my 1250.

    From Down Under it looks brand new and is an inspiration for me to get stuck back into my 1000. Congratulations on an amazing job Gary.
  15. Bruce Gourlay

    A cub cadet video you may enjoy!

    Great Video, Thank you for taking your time to create them, coming from Australia i don't get the chance to see any where i come from apart from the one i lucky came across.
  16. Bruce Gourlay

    Hello from Down Under. 🦘

    kmcconaughey that is a great YouTube channel, amazed at how many videos they have. Very impressive. Thanks for the link.
  17. Bruce Gourlay

    Hello from Down Under. 🦘

    I haven't actually researched about them here in Australia due to lack of parts, but now that my interest has come back i will. I haven't been able to find stickers or badges here hence the painted strips. Was going to try paint IH and side lettering but might try cost of bringing some down...
  18. Bruce Gourlay

    Hello from Down Under. 🦘

    Thank you, yes i have read a couple of his posts but couldn't remember his name and thank you for pointing me in to correct direction kmcconaughey much appreciated.
  19. Bruce Gourlay

    Hello from Down Under. 🦘

    Just a quick question and probably not the correct place to ask. Mine being a QL 1000 wondering which section i ask questions about my cub cadet? IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum or IH Cadet Lawn Tractors? New to the whole classification of the cub cadets.