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    For what it's worth

    For what it's worth, Cub Cadets and this forum have helped me get through one year without alcohol and my preferred herb, both of which I have enjoyed for about 40 years. I guess that when you wake up one morning with only a drooping eye lid from a stroke in your sleep and realize you could have...
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    Archive through December 26, 2009

    I got my Drake station. TR 4 RV 4 ect,ect. If you have any 4 line accessories contact me. I have some Cub stuff I can trade.
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    Archive through November 11, 2009

    Treat your dog like a veteran and you'll find yourself in front of a judge.
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    Applied physics 101

    I maintain that hp is heat. You say it's work. Work can't be done without energy and all energy is heat. This is my position on Hp=heat. Also the only porous of compression in an engine is to raise the cylinder temp. Compression tries to establish a proper environment for it's fuel. LP or...
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    Archive through July 14, 2009

    Kraig McConaughey, larry andreo, That's what I originally said. Monday, July 13, 2009 - 04:10 pm: Very basiclly this seems true. But it's the way the units are externally wired and not because they are totally different from other generators. If your starter generator has two wires on...
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    Sandusky County Restorers of Antique Power, Inc.
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    Archive through June 13, 2009

    Never mind.. I see it. Bearing plate and do-dad. See ya all later.
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    When is enough..enough

    When is enough..enough? I have a 129. Sold as needing a battery and a coil wire. Got it on that auction site. So I go to pick it up and all four tires are flat. Two had cuts in them one was good and the last leaked. But I buy it. Hey it's only tires. I get it home, get it running, get the...
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    Archive through April 26, 2009

    Don Tanner My love is my 104. I'd start a fleet of them if I could. It seems I go for the 72 series and earlier. And I got to have that stick between my legs. Probably shouldn't say that.. prices will sky rocket. I might have something new to me to post soon. I can't justify it. Don't need...
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    Analog Tachometers

    Back in the day when analog was all there was you could use this meter set to 4 cylinders to set/check the rpms on a two cylinder engine with a normal hookup and divide the reading by two. I don't know if you can do the same with a single cylinder and divide the reading by four because I no...
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