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  1. mfrade

    Archive through January 26, 2019

    I agree, that's an impressive machine Jim S.
  2. mfrade

    Archive through January 16, 2019

    Thanks for the info Mick. It's about what I was thinking too. When it's down in the single numbers any temperate air will be appreciated! I like the idea your friend came up with.
  3. mfrade

    Archive through November 20, 2018

    Frank. In what way can I be "overthinking" this??? Suck / Squish / Bang / Spit... my motor does 3 out of the 4.. The Starter Generator cannot spin it over due to compression right??? All that leaves is the ACR. The motor was assembled by the book, ( thanks for the info Doug) the same...
  4. mfrade

    Archive through April 28, 2018

    Gerrie, click here = http://ccmanuals.info/manuals.html
  5. mfrade

    Archive through February 15, 2018

    Earl Ford, I think you spread it pretty thin!!! 8=)
  6. mfrade

    Archive through July 01, 2017

    Okay Harry. A couple of us are waiting for your review. I figured you got more seat time so that should give you the experience to make a good appraisal. Mowing by the 4th? tick tock, tick tock... you shouldn't be replying - but turning wrenches!
  7. mfrade

    Mikes Very Own 169 Refurbish

    So let's see if this is any better... Harry asked for some pics showing the new fan, and some other blokes asked for pics showing my "workspace". Hope this will satisfy ya'll. I started to re-assemble and wanted to paint parts as they went on, but the fenderpan is badly rusted. With holes...
  8. mfrade

    Archive through August 25, 2016

    Wayne S., how is your coil mounted? If the wire mounts/pushes in from on top, the only way I can picture oil getting up there is if the coil is overheating. Could you run the engine and see if the coil is getting hot? I just can't see the oil going up unless the oil is "swelling" /...
  9. mfrade

    Archive through February 01, 2015

    Nice Job there Richard Walker! I see we're not to far from each other too.. maybe someday we can hookup and swap tall stories..
  10. mfrade

    Briggs 20A

    Anyone here ever rebuilt a Briggs model 20A114? My Uncle brought it into the shop and asked me to assemble it after he tore it down and had the piston replaced. I've got some questions and was curious if anyone here had gone through this one before?.?.?
  11. mfrade

    Archive through June 11, 2014

    I'm changing direction on some projects and have decided that I won't get to do the Originals. So I have 2 for sale, 4 digit serial numbers, if you want both I'll let'em go for 200 each. 1 set of fenders for same - 200 obo Front Blade (sleigh mount with lift rod) - 150 obo Rear 3 Point...
  12. mfrade

    Archive through November 24, 2013

    I purchased a cheap auto creeper for a few dollars and set the snow thrower on it, it's a good height and helps with the small adjustments since it's on caster wheels. When I take it off for the season, I set it back on the creeper and shove it against the wall. It works well for me...
  13. mfrade

    Archive through November 01, 2013

    As Shultzie said.. That is a sickening picture and I can only imagine how you and the wife are feeling. As I said before, although unlikely, if there is ANYTHING that the members might be able to assist with,, you need only ask!
  14. mfrade

    Archive through May 02, 2013

    Harry, I won't be going to the meet in CT., got enough project tractors and attachments for now. But tell Matt we said HELLO!!! Now if you could say Jim C. was to be there,, then maaayyyybbee....
  15. mfrade

    Things that Kill my Cub time.

    I guess the archive got me! Sorry if I'm late Kraig. Here's the car that the stroker motor will go in this winter. And yes, that's me an a niece from California also.
  16. mfrade

    Archive through February 10, 2012

    Denny, same as when you buy leaded fuel, when I buy K-1 kerosene for my torpedo heater, I have to sign a paper swearing it's for "Non-Road" use! And you can only purchase 3 gallons at a time! And sometimes they dye it green or other times it's blue.
  17. mfrade

    Archive through August 26, 2011

    "I guess everyone forgot the week that Bob decided to DELETE over 2,000 members." Yes, I had forgotten about that one! We had to many correct police back then too (imho) ,, I joined right after Dan unveiled his crawler! I remember everyone had a slack lower jaw for weeks after that was...
  18. mfrade

    Archive through January 30, 2011

    I paid 3.30 in Buffalo NY on friday last!
  19. mfrade

    Archive through April 10, 2008

    I could be wrong here, but, I always check my point gap when the points are at their most open. Not even noticing if that means the piston is at TDC. It might be your gap is wrong since I'm sure the spark is meant to occur BTDC. My 2 cents. Mike
  20. mfrade

    Kohler Questions

    Can anyone provide me with info on a Kohler K90T? I've tried the Kohler website trying to research the Spec.# 27110D & Ser. # 306414, but, the sites starts at K91!!! Maybe someone here has some info that may help. I'd be much obliged. TIA, Mike
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