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  1. dschwandt

    NF lift bar and lift arm for hydraulic lift installation

    Copy of the parts I had to make for the installation on the 126 I restored several years ago. $75 + S&H About 8 lbs PayPal accepted
  2. dschwandt

    Hydraulic angle blade cylinder brackets

    $35 + S&H Two pair available New parts, were test fit on a blade with cylinder assembly. PayPal accepted Contact through E-mail or PM this site. Thanks for the ad!!
  3. dschwandt

    In the mailbox this AM

    After an inquiry to Kurt about replacements for the crappy nametags on the used D675 I picked up in MN last weekend'
  4. dschwandt

    WANTED: rebuildable #30 carb

    #30 carb for a 1650 Must be in decent rebuildable condition. Not seized or corroded up Thanks!
  5. dschwandt

    Made a vise stop for my mill table

    Inspired by Jeff, I got some shop time with the Jet this weekend. Probably way overkill and overly complicated but it gave me some face time with the mill. Photos should be self explanatory, I hope! Using it already to size up pieces for a burr puzzle. Got six 3" pieces done using 1/2" square...
  6. dschwandt

    Wanted for QL

    Air baffle that the coil and condenser mount on just above the starter. with intact treads and crack free. Thanks!
  7. dschwandt

    Here we go again!!

    The 1450 going back together. Only this time with a K341 block
  8. dschwandt

    Winter, 2019-2020

    Here's my snow crew for this season This trio should handle most anything Ma can throw our way 1450 W/QA42A 149 W/DanCo and snow bucket plus weight bhox on rrear and fluid filled tires 882 smoker w/42" hydraulic angle blade.
  9. dschwandt

    How's this for a part time job??!!

    One of the guys on the Lance truck camper forum posted this video. living the good life I groom 120 miles of snowmobile trails in two 14 hr shifts. 2 nights 60 miles each night. I groom on the Monroe and Tusher Mountains here in central Utah for Utah State Parks OHV Program. The down side of...
  10. dschwandt


    WANTED; Bad news from the machine shop this morning. They tanked the block I pulled from my Dual stick 1450 and cleaned it up only to find it has a cracked block. Anyone need a boat anchor??!! So, I am in search of a good block to replace it with. The closer to Zip 52041 the better. Thanks...
  11. dschwandt

    Splitting the 1450

    To replace the cork gasket and do a general cleanup. It's my go to snow thrower Cub that I overhauled 5 years ago and wears an IH soft cab. Never underestimate the usefulness of a FEL!!
  12. dschwandt

    Not a pretty sight!

    Taking apart my twin stick 1450's engine to locate an oil leak and discovered the cast iron oil pan is cracked on one corner. The engine has always smoked since I had it and the head gasket is also leaking so further dismantle was also warranted. Had planned on installing a snow blade using the...
  13. dschwandt

    Dash tin for a 109, 129, 149, 169

    Needed for a 149. Must be in decent condition W/O dings/dents that would show through a new decal. Contact in profile. Thanks!
  14. dschwandt

    2019 Plow Days in MO

    Anything in the works for PD"s in MO that anyone has gotten wind of?? I know there were past years in Treloar and Boonville.
  15. dschwandt

    2019 Iowa plow day???

    Times growing short GIrls and Boys!! Are any of us die hards here in the Midwest going to be able to plow (and I don't means snow!!) somewhere nearby???
  16. dschwandt

    Putting your Cub Cadet to use

    Mowed yesterday with the 108 and restored deck. Does a respectable job IMHO. I know....I really need to paint that SG!! Insert blushed face (here) WOW AGAIN!! You can now bring pic's right in off your SD Card w/o resizing them on the 'puter!!WOO HOO!!
  17. dschwandt

    Archive through September 08, 2019

    Incognito 'O' spotted at Rollag last weekend sporting a homemade electrically operated Cat'O'.
  18. dschwandt

    Moving into the shop after remodel, storage tip

    Got to thinking, (sometimes that is a bad idea though) but not this time I hope. I had a bunch of big heavy duty boxes I collected,from the co-op this spring while working anhydrous. These are the ones that two 2-1/2 gallon jugs are shipped in and are really thick wall and sturdy. I had used...
  19. dschwandt

    GTX2154LE electric power steering issues

    Just started acting up the other day. Intermittent operation, on again off again. What's the best approach to troubleshoot this issue? Anyone have experience with one of these units? Unit is a 2011 model w/355 hrs. on the clock.
  20. dschwandt

    Mark Twain Old Threshers/MO IHCC Chapter #5 state show July 11-13 Parin, MO

    Paris, MO WWW.marktwainoldtheshers.com Thinking of going there this year w/equipment instead of Portage, WI. Any of you folks from the Show Me State ever display there??
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