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  1. john.knutson

    Cub Cadet with hydraulic lift

    Howdy. I've pretty much decided that I need an IH Cub with hydro lift. My brief research shows that you can get the ported charge pump on the Wide Frame 149/169, and then on Quietline 1450/1650 (and maybe some 1250s?). EDIT: looks like some of the *82 series may have hydraulics, but I didn't...
  2. john.knutson

    Ignition System Updates

    I replaced some components of my ignition system recently, thought I would share some pictures I took. It definitely starts easier, and I think it sounds better while running as well. Parts were from Kirk Engines. I made myself a bracket to hold the coil because I was struggling to get...
  3. john.knutson

    New Year's Resolution (s)

    I don't normally do anything for a resolution but I came up with something I think I should try this year (and going forward): keep my tools off the ground. I have a bad habit of setting stuff on the ground which means it gets dirty and often stepped on. Anybody else have holiday/new year goals...
  4. john.knutson

    IH Trailer identification

    Stumbled across what is reported to be an IH trailer on Craigslist, but I don't see any manuals that seem to match it on ccmanuals.info, and a google search brought be back to an archived post from here about a IH #3 cart. That trailer looks similar, except that the front of the bed of the CL...
  5. john.knutson

    "Beginner" Machinist Tool Set

    Howdy, I have really enjoyed the basic metal fabrication I have done so far; cutting, bending, welding, tap & die sort of stuff. I would like to get a little deeper into machining, and happened to win a drawing at work recently so I have a little money to throw at the idea. I am thinking the...
  6. john.knutson

    Steering Wheel Removal

    I am really struggling with removal of my 107's steering wheel. I have tried both methods in Cub Cadet FAQ without any sign of progress. I am using PB Blaster, thinking I will try Kano Kroil next (not trying to start a war!). Any tips folks have to offer? I have been hitting it with the...
  7. john.knutson

    Quick Attachment for Rear Mounted Leaf Blower

    Picked this and a couple misc parts up off Craigslist today. I can't find anything online or on ccmanuals.info about this specific attachment, is anyone here familiar with this? The Gentleman I bought it from said he had a 106, and I plan to use it as a base for a rear mounted 5 gallon bucket...
  8. john.knutson

    2020 MN Events

    Is anybody planning to attend, or know of events with a good Cub Cadet presence in MN this coming year? I will be trying to attend the Nowthen threshing show again this year, potentially bringing my 107 depending on my family's schedule and registration details for the show.
  9. john.knutson

    Wanted: NF hood latch(es)

    One of my hood latches is broken, looking for a replacement (or a set). Seeing some NOS available online, but pretty expensive for a set. Thanks in advance!
  10. john.knutson

    NF sleeve hitch

    Ordered a sleeve hitch cast lift lever from RF Houtz and got it mounted. Had to grab a bolt, washers, and nylon bushing from local Hardware Hank. Also made the top pin out of 1/2" zinc rod, 2 hitch pins and 2 washers. I am now looking (casually) for a brinly adapter and 1"x4" pin. Thinking...
  11. john.knutson

    tire chain alternative

    Hopefully this is appropriate for this section. I am looking at getting some chains for plowing snow this winter, and came across "TerraGrips" which are like chains but thick rubber straps over the tires, much gentler on the surface below. I have a paver driveway and parking area, so these...
  12. john.knutson

    K241 spark plug recommendations

    Champion recommends an RH10C/854 or H10C/844 spark plug per their cross reference book at the hardware store, but neither my local Menards nor Hardware Hank stock it. The plug that was in the engine when I bought it is a Champion 841/J8C. My questions is, what do folks here run in their K241s...
  13. john.knutson

    Wanted: IH Cub Cadet Blade (42") parts

    Looking for the following parts for a 42" blade: lift rod lift bracket QA (Quick Attach) subframe I have a '69 Cub Cadet 107 in case that makes a difference for any of the parts. Thanks, John
  14. john.knutson

    Wanted: 26lb IH Cub Cadet Wheel Weights

    Title says it all, looking for one or two pairs of the original 26lb IH Cub Cadet wheel weights. Located in Minneapolis, MN for local pickup, or willing to pay shipping.
  15. john.knutson

    International Blade (42") renovation

    I purchased a 42" International Blade yesterday (Craigslist), and am working on getting it first in good working order, and second restored to look something like it originally did. It is pretty rusty, and missing the lift rod, but I am happy with the price I paid for it, and I didn't have to...
  16. john.knutson

    IH Cub Cadet 107 "build"

    Howdy, I recently purchased a 1969 Cub Cadet 107 off Craigslist. The goal is to restore the tractor while adding functionality, mainly snowplowing this coming MN winter. The mower came with non-standard ATV tires, and a 42" mower deck. So far I have: driven it around the block removed the...
  17. john.knutson

    IH Cub Cadet White/Yellow Spray Paint

    Does anybody have any preference or recommendations on rattle can paint that matches (pretty closely) the original CC scheme? Some googling led me to Rustoleum 2x Magnolia for the Yellow, and Rustoleum Canvas White for the White/Almond. I have yet to test it on some scrap metal and test parts...
  18. john.knutson

    IH Cub Cadet 107 "build"

    Howdy, I recently purchased a 1969 Cub Cadet 107 off Craigslist. The goal is to restore the tractor while adding functionality, mainly snowplowing this coming MN winter. The mower came with non-standard ATV tires, and a 42" mower deck. So far I have: drove it around the block removed the...
  19. john.knutson

    Hello from Minneapolis, MN

    Howdy! Just purchased a 1969 International Cub Cadet 107 yesterday. It came with a 48" mower deck that needs some welding, but is overall in decent running condition. I've got a (growing) list of ideas for fixes/additions: plow (for snow primarily) 3 point hitch (not sure what i want to put...
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