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    Cub 1420

    Got a chance a couple weeks ago to put up a 1420. The P.O. had tore apart the hydro and gave up on it. After getting it home and letting it set in the trailer for a week I at least put the rearend back in it so I can roll it around, and I needed the trailer. Good looking, and running tractor. I...
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    Newer Toy/ Look what followed me home

    About a month ago my wife found an ad on Facebook for a Cub Cadet 2155. She showed me the pictures and I said to see if we could go look at it. Saturday we went and looked at it and it liked me so much it followed us home. It needed a new tire and a pto switch. The new tire went on within 24...
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    Simplicity Tractors

    Hi everyone, this is what followed my dad to my house the other day. A Simplicity Sovereign 18. Kohler motor (the only way to go) that runs great. Came with a 48" deck, a 42" plow/ snow blade and chains. All it needed was a ign. switch and a curcuit breaker. Its not a "Cub" but its not a box...
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