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    Archive through January 02, 2018

    Happy New Year to all and I hope you all have at least as good a coming year, if not better, as you had last year.
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    Archive through November 27, 2015

    Shultzie Early on the right, later on the left. Both of these have the spindles with the pin and collars.
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    Could be a cousin............

    I have been around Cub Cadets (mostly IH built) for a number of years, and have owned more than I can remember, from a prototype, to a test unit,to a pre production model, to at least one of most of the production models, to CCC built z-turn, to one of the current XT3 CS model tractors. The last...
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    Archive through July 17, 2015

    Marty G, I don't remember if the 100 that belonged to Bryan McMeen had a replacement engine or not, but I can tell you that a cross mount muffler was offered as an over the counter parts package for the 100 (muffler, heat shield, exhaust elbow, ect). I can't tell you when it became available...
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    Archive through May 30, 2015

    Ewan, Your Cub Cadet was built in Louisville, Kentucky, at the International Harvester plant. Over the years the plant was known as The IH Louisville Works, or IH Louisville Plant. The place was built as a Curtis Wright Aircraft factory in World War II, and was bought by IH after the war. IH...
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    You never know what you will find on a dealers dusty shelf

    I came across this NOS Brinly-Hardy Cat "O" to Sleeve hitch adapter yesterday. It has been on a dealers shelf for a number of years. I don't know when the green decals were used, but it says it was made in Louisville, KY and Brinly moved across the river to Jeffersonville, IN in 2000. Although...
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    Archive through July 28, 2014

    I'll try again. Transmission pictures.
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    Not the birthday present I wanted

    I had to go to the ER Oct 27 with chest pains, and spent 5 days in the hospital. I got the results of a biospy on Nov 6th (my 73 rd birthday) that was done while there, and learned that a tumor that had been found in my chest is malignant. It is non-operable because even with all the scans and...
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    I've had this 102 sitting on the "boxes" for over a year and figured it was time I started a little refurbishing. It came with a 12 hp engine and had been repainted at some point, and redecaled with 122 decals. The seat was a 102 seat and since that is what it was built as, that is what will go...
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    Archive through April 13, 2013

    Len S Convert it to what was used on the Quiet Line models. Replace your hub and pin with the Arm, Coupling; Disc, Flexible Coupling; and Flange, Driveshaft. These are items 2,3,4 on a hydro Quiteline parts breakdown, and the last one I did the parts were cheaper than the pin and coupling for...
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    Crazy Auction price

    I went to an auction Saturday that had 18 Cub Cadets, and some brought some ridiculous prices. One was a 782D with a front loader. It was to sell however it would realize the most money. They first "sold" the tractor only, for a high bid of $1250, then the loader only for a high bid of $700...
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    "New" 1282, but don't tell anybody

    I'm one of those people that think "real" Cub Cadets are yellow and white and built by IH , but this followed me home a day or two ago, and I kinda like it. It is an early one (1982), has a cast iron rear end housing, "International" above Cub Cadet on the dash, but does not have the IH on the...
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    Archive through July 31, 2012

    Shultzie, Just a thought, but make sure the center blade is not on upside down. Hey, we've probably all done that at one time or another.
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    Archive through March 01, 2011

    FOR SALE: 2 sided, electric, Cub Cadet, Dealers Signs: (1) IH Lawn Power Products, about 3'H x 5'L x 1'thick. $350 cash. (2) CCC Turf and Garden Equipment, about 3'H x 5'L x 1' thick. $350 cash. This sign is rare and hard to find, the CCC emblem was no longer used by 1987. (3) 2, Cub...
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    Archive through February 23, 2011

    Denny Not real sure those tires are actually made by Firestone, or if the FS name on Lawn & Garden tires has been sold to someone else. Miller also had/has some 23 degree 23-10.50x12 Firestone ags and I saw some online complaints about some of those having some cracking or checking problems...
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    Archive through February 18, 2011

    Paul T. Yes, IH mde different mounts and mule drive to put the timed deck on the model 70. They also made a different mount/mule drive, front PTO, to put the castiron end deck normally used on the 70/100, on the Original. The early TC-103 70/100 parts manual only list 1 part number for the...
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    Archive through July 12, 2010

    Greg J. The recoil starters used on the Cub Cadets was made by Fairbanks, supplied by Kohler. The recoil units and parts are listed in the Kohler Master Parts Manual. There were also 3 or 4 other recoil units used by Kohler, but the Fairbanks is the only one used on the Cub Cadets. There was...
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    Archive through December 15, 2009

    Matt G I have had a few of them but I don't care for the QL's because it is pricey to repair the driveline in them, and don't keep any that might show up around my place (800's don't count), so there is probably plenty I don't know about them, but the balance gears are not listed for the QL...
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    Archive through December 01, 2009

    Rick. You made two statements that kinda have a bearing on what Cub Cadet will do for the 50th, quote: "Granted, not that many of us are going to head out and buy a new Cub Cadet, but......" and quote: "It just seems like we're on the side lines instead of on the field." Selling...
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    Archive through October 02, 2009

    FOR SALE: Rare recoil start model 72. This was the last model that electric start was an option on. Runs decent, sounds good, is running in the pictures. I notice it appears to have a blown head gasket (oil between the head and block by the exhaust)which I will replace prior to the tractor...
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