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    New Member from Texas

    Texas is a big state, Tom. Where are you located? I'm in San Antonio.
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    My 147 Cub!

    Welcome to our forum and by all means, send us pictures! We really like that here. And it's great that you like garden tractors at your age! I fell in love with them at your and I'm stil tinkering with them now...
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    Not a pretty sight!

    No, that's an IHC part number for the casting. The serial number for the tractor is usually located on a tag attached to the transaxle. As you stand behind the tractor, it's on the left rear if the unit.
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    First tractor,might have some issues... Cub Cadet 72

    Redvise, When you decide to reinstall that very necessary ball bearing behind the choke plate shaft, you may get the instructions from Norman at isavetractors.com. he includes printed instructions with the carbs he sells but he's so focused on helping us in this hobby save these gems, I'm sure...
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    Cork Gasket Sealant

    Fully rebuilt a K241 this past summer. Have about 5 hours on it. Without any adhesive, there are no leaks...
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    Back in the saddle

    Psnider, I echo with the other post encouraging you to get a manual, forge ahead and lean on us in this forum to encourage and assist you. I recently completed a restoration on a 104 that took me a year (I still work full time). I had never restored a CC before. It was such a rewarding...
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    1250 Engine Trouble

    How do you do a compression test with ACR?
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    104 Purchase

    Thanks to all for posting comments so far. I picked the 104 up after work on Friday but didn't get it unloaded til yesterday. Drove it up and down the driveway a bit and it goes into all 4 gears just fine. Except, the shift handle swings left and right making it challenging to select a gear...
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    104 Purchase

    I'm pretty stoked! Have wanted to buy and restore a vintage Cub for sometime and stumbled upon what looks to be a fairly complete 104 today. Will pick it up on Friday with plans of a full restoration, using Dave S. and his beautiful restoration of his 104 as inspiration. Please feel free to...
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