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  1. JPrattico

    My K-301 A

    I have seen numerous people talk about pulling apart a 301 from a 126 or 127 and finding balance gears in it. But hey, who knows I guess...
  2. JPrattico

    My K-301 A

    I do not know specific spec numbers, but 47138B is probably a Cub Cadet spec engine. According to the service manual the "47" refers to a k301. Application is referring to what sort of equipment the engine is mounted to. This will affect the specifics of the engine found in the model number...
  3. JPrattico

    Starting a rebuild my dad never got to start.

    Welcome to the forum! There's lots of great people here and lots of info. Couple things I notice right away looking at your pictures. In the photo you've used as your avatar, I can see the side of the front grille. Just from that grille I can tell you've got either a 70 or 100. Upon looking at...
  4. JPrattico

    My K-301 A

    That is not the case. I pulled apart a k301 back in the spring and it had balance gears. Balance gears could be found in any K series from the k241 up to the k341, but it was dependent on the spec and application. From what I understand Cub Cadet never used any k241 with balance gears. However...
  5. JPrattico

    Why a 3/4 gas tank

    I do believe its a baffle, its not empty space. Fuel can still flow into the space behind it. Kohler put them in the tanks in order to lessen the sloshing of fuel as you drive. Large tanker trucks use baffles on a much larger scale for the same reason.
  6. JPrattico

    1953/54 Farmall Cub?

    Doesn't look like a bad machine if you can get it running. Mid mount mower deck, and I see its got the hydraulic lift too. Missing exhaust pipe, just like my Farmall H was. Looks like the wiring is anything but stock so that may present some issues. Lastly I agree with Greg on the year 1958. I...
  7. JPrattico

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. JPrattico

    Where in North America is Jim, and what Cub Cadet items has he found there?

    Buffalo New York? You'll be less than an hour from me! I'll confirm its a lot colder here than it probably is in Key West!
  9. JPrattico

    Am I asking too much?

    I'm gonna agree on the price being a little steep. I paid $1000 for my H with a front end loader not running, all I knew was that it spun with a hand crank and had compression, and had some clean but dark oil. 4 hours later I had it running. If the wiring is an issue its easy enough to run a...
  10. JPrattico

    International 300U

    I'll also agree on the price. I paid $1000 for my H with loader. Pretty much condition unknown other than it turned over with a hand crank and had compression. The clutch could definitely be an issue though.
  11. JPrattico

    Cub 60

    That definitely helps. I would say that there is a cheap China knockoff replacement of a Tecumseh carburetor. The screw that is sticking out the side there is the idle mixture adjustment. I can't see it but I would assume that the main adjustment is still built into the bolt holding the bowl on...
  12. JPrattico

    Cub 60

    See if you can get a picture of this replacement carb. It'll be pretty easy to tell whether or not it's a correct Tecumseh carb. Pretty sure they used the same factory carb on most of their engines, ive seen the same one installed on engines varying in power from 3hp all the way to 12...
  13. JPrattico

    ferguson to30 12 volt conversion

    Ah. Guess I wouldn't have known, its broken on my H anyway. Probably has been broken for 30 years or so. Replacing it is something I plan to do in the near future.
  14. JPrattico

    ferguson to30 12 volt conversion

    I most definitely did not think much about gauges. Most tractors of this era have mechanical gauges. On my H, the oil pressure is mechanical (directly from the oil system of the engine in fact) and the temp gauge "sensor" attaches directly inside the block and runs directly to the gauge with a...
  15. JPrattico

    Cub 60

    You got my attention when you mentioned a Farmall H. I just bought one 2 months ago and have enjoyed it quite a bit. Would certainly like to see pictures! Anyway, I tend to "tolerate" Tecumseh engines more than most people. To me, in your video it sounds like its running too lean. Usually the...
  16. JPrattico

    ferguson to30 12 volt conversion

    That is a good point. Something I probably would have considered if the lights on my H didn't already work. And I guess I did forget about electronic gauges, not sure if this machine would have any but my H doesn't have any (other than the ammeter).
  17. JPrattico

    ferguson to30 12 volt conversion

    I'm not sure I would trust the lights to handle 12 volts. The lights on my H are not the ones that would have been on it from the factory.
  18. JPrattico

    ferguson to30 12 volt conversion

    My Farmall H is converted to 12 volts. If you do it right, 12 volts is a great conversion. I see a lot of positives to it. The reason I say "do it right" is because many times I've seen it and it's a complete cobble job, wire splices everywhere and sometimes even holes in the hood to mount an...
  19. JPrattico

    1967 Massey Ferguson 10

    I know of a Massey 10 and a Massey 8 near me, both waiting for me to go buy them and take them home, as if I need 2 more garden tractors. Both have original Tecumseh engines and mower decks. The 10 also comes with a brand new replacement short block Tecumseh as well as parts to rebuild the...
  20. JPrattico

    How Cold Is IT?

    I see this thread makes a return. Temperatures around here have hovered around 30 (although last week it almost hit 50) there is currently snow falling and a small amount of snow on the ground.