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  1. rbute

    Tractor For Sale 127 Cub w/Blower @ Mower Deck

    Restored narrow frame 127 Cub hydrostatic with working blower and 42 inch mower deck. Excellent condition. Rebuilt 12 horse Koehler engine. Starts and runs well. Asking $650 for tractor, $100 for deck, and $100 for 36A blower. Must be able to pickup. Contact me for video and information.
  2. rbute

    Remove and Replace Drive Shaft on 127 Cub Cadet

    I purchased a new shaft, coupler, and pin. The new shaft did not come with fan. The cooling fan does want to come of the old shaft. Is this fan necessary? I'm only planning to use the tractor occasionally for blowing snow. The picture is of the old shaft and fan. The new drive shaft is the one I...
  3. rbute

    Remove and Replace Drive Shaft on 127 Cub Cadet

    I am having a difficult time removing the drive shaft from a 127 Cub Cadet. I've never done this before. I have a new shaft as the old one the pin keeps falling out. Does anyone have some step by step instructions on how to do this?