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    Kohler on our 125 is stalling

    Hi. Our 12 hp kohler has developed a symptom. Once in a while it would stall while mowing, as if you turned off the key. It would immediately start back up and often run for an hour or more until we finished mowing. It has now began stalling out after about 2 minutes of run time. Its not the gas...
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    steering box adjustment?

    Hi. I have a 125 and the steering wheel turns almost a quarter turn before any action at the front wheels. I will be checking all roll pins etc., but remember reading somewhere that there a small amount of adjustment available at the steering gear box. Of course a rebuild would be better hwne I...
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    what color to paint my blade?

    Well 2 hours with a wire wheel on a grinder got most of the rust off of my blade. What color would be correct for the blade repaint? blade is from whatever year the 125's came out. Any suggestions about what kind of paint? also are IH decals available?
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    There is a low boy 154 on facebook marketplace for 300.00

    Not mine just saw it there it looks pretty decent he said it got stuck today in second gear and he just wants to sell it. I don’t know the buyer, but that seems to me to be a good price. If I had room I would go buy it.
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    What model is this Cub snow blower?

    Got this with my 125 when I bought it. It works and I would like to sell it or restore and sell it. Does anyone know what model it is? I used it for a winter with decent results but later bought a two stage.
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    Sixties cub single stage snow blower attachment

    Will post pix late today. Pickup in Cleveland Ohio area or pay to pallet and ship.