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    2072 Sloppy Power Steering

    Can anyone direct me to a thread that explains how to fix a very sloppy power steering issue on. 2072? Have about a 1/4 turn of slip in it for some reason.
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    Help! 2072 that cranks really hard!

    Rebuilt a 2072 with a Mag 20 and now it cranks over really really hard. Turning the driveshaft by hand is impossible. Only way is to use a pipe wrench on driveshaft. WTH? Replaced battery and solenoid, and it still acts like the solenoid is bad, clicking. Have had it running before, but...
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    Loss of power when PTO is engaged. 18HP Twin

    Anybody have any ideas of what might be causing the engine to lose power when the PTO is engaged? Last time mowing on a very hot day, the mower seemed to get hot and started chugging and spitting, so I just quit mowing. Has done that before but was fine after cooling down. This time after...
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    2072 PTO Clutch Problem

    Guys, Does anyone know what voltage you should be getting down to the clutch on a Mag 20 on a 2072? Engine not running I get 12.81 Engine running at full throttle it's 15.45! What's causing it to spike so high? Will this burn out the clutch?
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    CH18S Muffler Shield Part# Needed

    Guys, I have a 2072 that someone has put a CH18S in with the specs as follows: SPECS: 62588 Serial: 3217003501 The heat shield that goes on the muffler is missing and it seems to cause the engine to overheat without it. Does anyone have the correct part number I need for the heat shield...
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    Engine Identification

    Can anyone specifically identify what model cub this engine was taken out of? I currently have this in a 2072 and I need to figure out which Front PTO Clutch is needed? It's a 1 1/8 shaft. Anyone have ideas where the best place to find a PTO Clutch reasonably?
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    1650 Rear Oil Seal Replacement

    Guys, I have a 1650 K341 that seems to have a rear oil seal that is leaking. (Around by the electric PTO). Question is: Is this something hard to do? Is this something reserved only for someone that does it all the time or is it fairly simple? I tried researching to find if someone had...