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    Washington state shows

    This week is the Puget sound antique show July 29-Aug 1 in Lynden Sky valley show in Monroe Aug 14-16 We will be attending this one. Central Washington show In Union Gap Aug 14-16 also All of these are great shows
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    Archive through January 19, 2015

    Kraig M. the mod was pretty easy. It took awhile to cut the mount with a saws all, if a guy had a plasma cutter it would be breeze. I think I might add some buggy bumpers to the front also I planned to post this one earlier.
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    Archive through November 25, 2014

    Dale & Harry, thanks, I'll probably weld the brackets together, I'm a little tough on my tractors. I know it will work it came off a 102. Harry if your up this way give a call. The 123 may or may not be here. I bought it for use over at my cabin - Laughing squirrel lodge, so far I haven't had...
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    Archive through November 09, 2014

    Bob E. looks like your image got the archive bug. I got the tires and chains mounted on the 123 today, not for snow but for the mud!
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    Archive through July 29, 2014

    Hey all pacific northwest guys & gals. Me and the wife will be attending the Sky valley tractor show in Monroe, on the weekend of Aug 9&10. if any one else will be there let me know. It would be great to having big showing of cub cadets there.
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    Archive through June 20, 2014

    Hey everyone. I just picked up 123 last weekend. I'm wondering if the rear lift from a 106 will fit. I have one I'm not using and it would great if it fit the 123
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    Archive through March 26, 2014

    Here's my .02 on Jerry's engine. It would be one thing if Jerry had a used engine to install to save money. Then all the changing of stuff maybe justified if he had all other parts laying around to make it work. But to pay good money for a rebuilt engine and then the added expense and time to...
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    Archive through January 28, 2014

    Daniel B - one of the sponsors at the top of the page should be able set you up with one.