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    Archive through November 03, 2014

    Josh Dad still has his 125. The tiller is now at my house, as I use it more than Dad does. Dad just uses the 125 for mowing and really nothing else. He also has a CCC (Red) International 782 that he got about 15 years ago.
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    Archive through April 28, 2014

    Never been in your situation pulling a sub soiler; however, does said subsoiler say anything about torque? The single cylinder Kohlers have crazy amounts of torque.
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    Archive through April 05, 2014

    Brake has been dragging on the 147 and today was nice enough to work on it. Since she was still set up for winter work, this meant removal of the chains, weights, then wheels. After I looked into the adjustment and discovering that wasn't the issue, I learned how to disassemble the brakes to...
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    Archive through February 16, 2014

    Seat talk: I've got a "quiet line" 6 pad seat on my 147 and it not only looks great it feels great. I never like the look of the original ones that came on 1X6/7 series.
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    Archive through January 18, 2014

    marlin You're not alone. I don't like tunnel mods to NF cub cadets either.
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    Archive through December 22, 2013

    My CC told me last week it doesn't like rain or freezing rain it'd much prefer snow. I agree.
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    Awesome Christmas

    Looks like Farmer Bob is going to have a great Christmas....
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    Archive through November 09, 2013

    Stacks look dumb, aren't often structurally mounted other than at the source, and love to catch tree branches. IMO there shouldn't be a place for them on a CC.
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    Archive through October 15, 2013

    IHC nomenclature aside; you can plow with a blade. This is the blade I plow snow with is what I say.
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    Rear light question

    I'd like to see photos of your rear light set up on your cubs. I'm contemplating adding a rear (white) light on my 147 and I'm looking for ideas. Also, if you could do a short write up on how you wired it that'd be great. (I'm no dummy when it comes to wiring but I'm also no electrician.)...
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    To AG, or not to AG?

    I'm considering getting AGS for my 147. Currently I'm running turfs. I primarily run it for mowing and snow removal, occasional gardening with a tiller. I like the look of ags and am familiar with how they'll operate on the lawn, but am not sure how well they'll operate in the winter on my...
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    Archive through May 12, 2013

    If Cub is ran with outside temps over 40 degrees one should use straight 30 wt oil.
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    Archive through April 23, 2013

    M. healy I'm glad to see you corrected the hood ornament. Very nice looking tractor.
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    Archive through January 28, 2013

    D Tanner I do have 2 link chains on turfs. Just need weights.....I'm holding out for RPRU and hoping I can get a pair there cheaper than online(no one has any locally). This is what she looks like: (norm- I'm getting the...
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    Archive through October 23, 2012

    I dislike this transition period- no grass to mow but no snow to move. My cub just sits, patiently waiting.....