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  1. mgwin

    New to cub cadet

    Yes, that serial # would make it a 106 (serial # 379143 was manufactured late February of 1971), with what appears to be a 102 hood and seat.
  2. mgwin

    New to cub needs help

    Looks like a 106 with a 102 hood and seat.
  3. mgwin

    Tractor Wanted Original wanted

    I have one. It has some rust where the PO left it under a tarp, but could be fixed up with some TLC. Has the timed deck also. Haven't had the opportunity to get it running yet, but it turns over fine.
  4. mgwin

    Cub Cadet 70

    Show us some pics and we will help you figure out what you have. :cubwinker:
  5. mgwin

    Rear PTO Attachments

    Pretty much anything you could hook up to a hit and miss motor would work. Hit and miss motors were used to power stuff before electricity made it out to rural farms.
  6. mgwin

    Tractor For Sale Cub Cadet Original

    For that price, what difference does it make? :errrr:
  7. mgwin

    Can anyone tell me year and model

    Difficult to say from the pics. It should have the cast rear end. What area of Va. do you live? I have a 128 (manual tranny) minus the engine I could let go fairly cheap.
  8. mgwin

    Can anyone tell me year and model

    Looks like a quietline series that was made in the 80's. The serial number located on the tag just above the foot rest in the pic should steer you in the right direction for the specific model and date. The model should also be on the faded decal on the side of the dash.
  9. mgwin

    Ohio seat

    Before you paint the seat, try spraying it down real good with bleach for about 24 hours and then scrub it with scotch brite pads.
  10. mgwin

    International cub cadet Garden tractor snow plow

    Sickle thrown away?!!! 😭 I may have came across 3 or 4 in the past 12 years in this area. I have two of those. The others were very expensive, usually around $600 - $1000 As for the plow, don't expect too much. Great to have, but so-so on practicality. If you are plowing deep or wet snow...
  11. mgwin

    Bald Faced Hornets in Front Yard Tree

    Mike, More than likely the larvae are still in the nest, and are rotting. You might want to leave it somewhere outside until spring. Robert, You have to run in large circles. They can fly faster in a straight line versus in circles. (works for snakes also) I used to run in large "figure 8's."...
  12. mgwin

    International cub cadet Garden tractor snow plow

    Wider blade means: it takes more power to push it. :errrr:
  13. mgwin

    100 rear tires

    Carlisle tru power 6-12's on a 70:
  14. mgwin

    100 rear tires

    Carlisle 23x10.5-12
  15. mgwin

    Bald Faced Hornets in Front Yard Tree

    When I was little, I always got rid of them by throwing rocks at them until I totally knocked it to pieces. P.S. I was also very good at running! LOL
  16. mgwin

    Some extra parts

    You guys act like 20 years ago is a long time. 20 years ago was 2001'! :roflol: Just had to pick a little at you.
  17. mgwin

    Postal delivery problems

    You have a good mail carrier for sure. My mail carrier can fit almost any package inside my mail box! :roflol: I haven't received any mail for about 3 days, maybe today is my lucky day. :errrr:
  18. mgwin


    Thanks to all of you for your service. You have my utmost respect. Not one of you wasted any of your time. The idiot that is in the White House now is wasting all of our time. (almost all of us)
  19. mgwin

    Engine oil

    That purple is good stuff, just expensive. :bluethumbsup:
  20. mgwin

    All Things Deer

    Deer will eat anything and everything. I have had them to eat HOT peppers, plants and all. This year I had around 100 apples on my trees. Now I have none. They have eaten one third of the leaves also, so far. They are working their way up to the top. The lower part of the trees look like they...