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    12th Annual PA Plow Day

    12th Annual PA Plow Day April 21&22 Watsontown,PA
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    Don T.

    I haven't been on here in a long time and my heart sank when I saw the news about Don T. Don always tried to help in whatever problems were posted. RIP Don, gonna miss you around here.
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    11th PA Plow Day

    11th Annual PA Plow Day April 15 and 16. 1820 River Rd Watsontown, PA. Over 100 hundred acres to plow. Over 200 hundred Garden Tractors.
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    Off Topic For Sale & Wanted Classifieds

    Red LawnTender 38" lawn sweeper. $50. pick up in Unadilla, NY
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    Archive through October 21, 2015

    1 QA36 Snowthrower good condition $125.00. pick up in Unadilla, NY
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    Archive through October 21, 2015

    2 Windbreaker cabs, good condition. $125.00 each. Pick up in Unadilla, NY
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    Off Topic For Sale & Wanted Classifieds

    Cub Cadet 364 2 stage snowblower with 2 75lb wheel weights $350.00. pic up in Unadilla,NY 13849
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    Jocobsen super chief

    Well, the Jake has come to NY. My nephew gave it to my grandson to take to his tech school to rebuild. Should be interesting project as the parts are hard to come by.
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    10th annual PA Plow Day April 17th & 18th 2015

    1820 River Rd, Watsontown, PA. 17777 100 acres to plow. Many different fields.
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    Lift handle bracket for a 680

    Thank you Kraig. It was for a friend who picked up a 680. He found it at the local dealer.
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    1572 Diesel Turbo Install

    Looks GREAT Steve! Can't wait to see that plowing.
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    Lift handle bracket for a 680

    What does the lift handle bracket look like to put a blade on a 680.
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    Archive through December 30, 2014

    Happy New Year! Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2015. Just came from garage finally put a blade on one of the Cc's. Haven't had much snow yet. It's like a insurance policy
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    Archive through December 26, 2014

    Just stopping in to say Happy Holiday's! Headed out to garage to put 3 point hitch onto the 782d. Getting ready for spring plowing. LOL!
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    The Horse Corral!

    Joshua, I found it was easy to work on. I bought a mower for it but it could'nt handle thick grass. The 782D spoils me.
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    The Horse Corral!

    Josh I too enjoy the old Wheel Horse tractors. Just sold the 87 310-8 I had for the summer. Needed room in the garage. Sad to see it go.
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    They're backkkkkkkk...GOLD RUSH...2011

    I have been looking for this show this year. Thanks for the update.
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    Gas Prices

    Heard the other day that the price of a barrel of oil is down to $86. dollars a barrel. Wonder if it will head north after election day?
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    The day finally came!

    Very nice job Jim. Its been a long road but well worth it. Mine is my number one mower and just sips fuel.
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    Moose r us/ccspecailties

    Very nice Charlie. Glad to see things are moving along. It will be very nice when done.