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    Not your average Dynamark 8-36

    Operation Lifesaver Illinois received this from the Shriners. Long story, but does anyone know anything of these machines? I've got the B&S engine covered, but what about the trans? The shift pattern looks the same as what's on my old Simplicity... I haven't actually seen this in person, it's...
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    Not exactly a Cub hauler...

    ...but a great use for an International truck This lovely specimen was built to carry this: No, not the Challenger, the little guy in front of it. We're trying our damndest to get this thing over to DeKalb Corn Fest this summer to add a little something extra to our tent...
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    Archive through July 09, 2008

    Hopefully SB will chime in if I'm wrong, but I believe two 1/8"OD o-rings will replace the original valve packing. They also provide additional resistance to turning. I have them on all my filter bowls, including the B&S on my Simplicity.
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    My latest "restoration" project

    Definitely not a tractor... JD Blitz Black is the cat's a$$!!
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    Navistar's not dead yet...

    The LoneStar, to be unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show this weekend... Note the nice job they did on the D-39, too
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    Archive through February 07, 2008

    Kraig - Perhaps you can repost the picture of what I did to my QA42A... Craig - Here's what I did. Drilled/tapped a 1/4-20 hole somewhere in the path of the belt tightener handle. Tighten the belt to where you want it, then thread a nut on a 1/4-20 bolt (I think I used a 1.5") and screw...
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    AC/DC and other headbanging... <img src="" border=0>

    Kendell - Good man - I'll send ya some shipping labels with KENtucky's address on 'em That's a lot more files for only 250MB more. How much didja squeeze those suckers? I use LAME VBR set at extreme. I've got "In the 20th Century" and "Stiff Upper Lip." Unfortunately there's only so...
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    Archive through June 20, 2007

    Marion - If you actually take the time to click on the Cub Cadet parts lookup button above, you'll realize that I got my information from MTD themselves. And it's not shown as NLA on THEIR site. So either they have bad information on their site or your dealer is too lazy to bother with...
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    The railroad thread...

    Thought I'd share a few photo galleries with the (surprising) number of railfans here. Also known to some railroaders as FRNs (****ing Rail Nuts), but we won't go there Here's a couple of Union Pacific "specials" that have been parked at CPT (Chicago Passenger Terminal)...
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    Archive through May 04, 2007

    KENtucky - Unfortunately I was heading to the train with my lil 1.75L bottle of Cuervo top shelf margaritas - a little Cinco de Mayo with my fellow commuters on the way home
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    Vista sucks...

    Well, I haven't been encouraging anyone to run out and buy it anyway, but... We just downloaded our MSDN copy at the office yesterday. I put the DVD in and booted - I don't think it got much more than a minute or two into the setup and: All hail Bill Gates! For the more technically...
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    Archive through November 01, 2006

    Terry B. - Nicely done. Can we use that for the FAQ - perhaps an addendum on how to post a pic?
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    Archive through October 27, 2006

    Boy, I could sure use a Pabst right about now - whatcha think, Charlie...
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    Fwd: Lawn mower vs train = gene pool cleansing

    From the Yahoo IlliniRail group: From National Railway News. Zoom Zoom Macon Telegraph August 27, 2006 By Liz Fabian BONAIRE - A Houston County man going down the railroad tracks on a riding lawn mower was hit and killed by a train early Saturday morning. Anthony Todd Potts, 38...
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    Archive through August 15, 2006

    Kraig - I hate having to look at scans of Polaroids only to have 5" of white screen all around it, but there's not much we can do about that, either. My mouse has horizontal scrolling on the wheel as well as vertical. I have no issues going back and forth We can't be all things to all...
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    Archive through August 14, 2006

    John G. - Hate to tell ya, but the same applies to early wide frames with either style mechanical PTO
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    Got the fever bad???

    Why else would I have sent the aluminum back cover and faceplate from my phone off to Travis' powder coating guy? Nice match I'd say!
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    Wisconsin engine ID...

    Thanks to Tedd, this little guy has taken up residence here. Thought it'd make a nice little setup for the Lake County Farm Heritage show - they like small engines. It came off of a Sears cement mixer and is supposed to be somewhere around 2HP. Anywho, the nameplate is all scratched up so...
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    Archive through December 20, 2005

    Kraig - Good choice You and Dan are a rarity. He says they always do their shopping on Sundays cuz they have the malls all to themselves...
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    Opera browser

    So, anyone tried this browser yet? I've been impressed with the mobile version, so now that the "big" version is free, I thought I'd give it a spin. Quite refreshing from the multi-MB downloads of bloatware from MS and Mozilla (yeah, that includes Firefox, too!). Install is only 3.66MB...