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  1. stanner

    149 Taillight Lenses

    I got mine from a RV parts dealer. not OEM, but they're square
  2. stanner

    QA36A snowblower/thrower wear bar/scraper bar/shave plate

    I made one out of hardware store stock way before Aaron started to make them- worked good
  3. stanner

    Archive through March 25, 2019

    over 100" inches in Oswego north of Syracuse
  4. stanner

    Archive through March 25, 2019

    Someone posted this online, depicting the Blizzard of 1966 in Syracuse NY area. We got something like 60+ inches of snow in a little over a day. the drifts were so high that in places you could touch the lower wires on the power poles. All I remember is my dad opening the garage door to reveal a...
  5. stanner

    Archive through January 19, 2019

    Welcome Tracy! Click on one or more of those rectangular boxes at the top of the page. They’ll help you out and probably have what you are looking for!
  6. stanner

    Archive through December 06, 2018

    Tim M, I have on my 149. the shaft on the kohler was short, so I had to make a bolt-on spacer. need to cut the basket off of the front pulley. controlled with PTO safety switch through a relay so you can't start while energized.
  7. stanner

    Archive through July 03, 2018

    Looks like a 60 desoto
  8. stanner

    Archive through June 06, 2018

    Arron, I've had good luck just removing the inlet tube from the bottom of the case- looses both nuts, case and hydro pump and remove- after draining for the first time, remove rear cover to clean out the boogers inside..... Also, use the proper filter from IH- do not use what Fram says will...
  9. stanner

    Archive through June 03, 2018

    It’s it all that hard to outsmart yourself.....
  10. stanner

    Archive through April 21, 2018

    Mark, there are two in Syracuse NY- Ramsing electric and Ted's Auto Electric- top notch
  11. stanner

    Archive through April 17, 2018

    Bill, chances are that your tiller is worn so that when mounted the big pulley is at an angle. You can try tightening up all of the bolts on the mounting arms, but the holes are prolly wallowed out. I had to put bushings in my tiller to straighten it out. you can adjust pulleys by loosening set...
  12. stanner

    Archive through April 03, 2018

    regarding the Rivnut discussion, these are the cat's meow- not cheap though... I used these to replace the sheetmetal screws on the 149's tunnel cover
  13. stanner

    Archive through March 26, 2018

    Joe P, Since you're in Minneapolis, do I dare say you work for TK? I work for CTD div of Carrier... Used lots of rivnuts.. used them for my 149's tunnel cover ARO makes a nifty tool to set those...
  14. stanner

    Archive through March 05, 2018

    20 years for the BEST dang cub site on the internet!!
  15. stanner

    Never seen one of these

    This guy is asking $700 for the lot
  16. stanner

    Never seen one of these

    on a local CL ad- pressure washer?
  17. stanner

    Is there an electrician in the house?

    the unit probably required a 50 amp hvac/r breaker to protect the unit- it may be weak due to age, and the part that clips on the busbar may not grip anymore. your heaters might also be shorting out internally due to age, causing them to dray more. if the unit' compressor specs a 50 hvac/r...
  18. stanner

    Archive through December 11, 2017

    Larry, A QA-36 or QA-42 are for narrow frames, some QA-42A's are adjustable for either width. If the thrower does not have upper links, it's generally for a narrow frame. taken from my limited knowledge- Charlie will straighten me out..
  19. stanner


    I saw that on Fancy's FB page. man, he was the Cub Cadet ambassador to the furkid world! he will be missed..