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  1. jchamberlin

    Will 2130 work well enough to cut my son's yard?

    Buying what appears to be a Model 2130 tomorrow in an effort to get my son a riding lawn mower. (The side panels were missing [accidentally scrapped, I'm told] so I'm going off the Model Number of 135-212-F100.) I was surprised to learn that the motor was a 12.5 HP Kohler single cylinder with...
  2. jchamberlin

    Archive through June 03, 2016

    Harry: What is there to fail in set of points? The component is simply a specially purposed spring-loaded set of contacts. Points fail for reasons well documented on this forum: from being new, from sitting up for some time, from use, and from just generally wearing out. I remember a...
  3. jchamberlin

    Tune Up Notes

    Time for a spring tune up. Engine won't turn over, spraying ether doesn't help, must be spark. Probably the points. Points seem to be OK (open and close). Got 12 volts on positive side of the coil. Coil is OK (low Ohms across the primary; high Ohms from secondary to hot side)...
  4. jchamberlin

    PortAlign Drill Guide

    The PortAlign Tool Company made a drill guide marketed by Sears & Roebuck. It allows for "portable" 90 degree drilling, as well as any angle desired by extending one or both upright stays. The stops control drilling depth and the integral V-blocks make drilling rounds a piece of cake (although...
  5. jchamberlin

    Archive through December 23, 2014

    Dave, sounds exciting, but I think the archive bug bit into your last post. You raise an interesting question, regarding cold weather and electricity, as far as I know the cold weather affects the battery's ability to store a decent charge, but it shouldn't interfere with the spark's...
  6. jchamberlin

    What's in your Toolbox: Rare & Unusual Tools

    I was going through the tools collected over the years by my daughter-in-law's father, who was a welder, now deceased. My daughter-in-law tells me he collected EVERYTHING. One of the items was a 1/2" drive socket labeled 31/32" from New Britain. It seems that this socket was made to fit a...
  7. jchamberlin

    Archive through July 22, 2014

    Kraig: The bolts secure a piece of flat bar to the underside of the frame rails: Right-hand Rail (Side View): Left-hand Rail (Side View):
  8. jchamberlin

    Archive through June 25, 2014

    Reposting as an antidote to the Archive Bug's bite: Jeff, it definitely looks good, that's for sure. How does your arm feel? Gerry, I have to issue an apology of sorts to you, regarding the capacitance value not being important for ignition condensers. I ran across an interesting...
  9. jchamberlin

    Archive through June 14, 2014

    Ron Greenly: Thanks for the note about the "Speed Clip," my Kohler part number (KH-235603 "Clip, Speed")matches yours and I also find it listed for the K301A on Parts Lookup. The illustrations I find from both Kohler and Parts Lookup are a bit ambiguous, however. A good counterman would be...
  10. jchamberlin

    Archive through June 02, 2014

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'm going to sleep on it. I would like to see if fixing the flywheel and pulley resolves the knock. It only took me two hours to tear the motor down, and another two hours to get it out of the tractor. By-the-way, it was only held on by two bolts --the front...
  11. jchamberlin

    Archive through August 08, 2013

    I'm looking for the "Heat Baffle" originally distributed with what appears to be the dealer installed "Noise Suppression Kit" for the 1x8/9 tractors. The part bolts to the cylinder head and then rises a bit in order to cover the top of the larger Noise Suppression muffler and provide an...
  12. jchamberlin

    Archive through July 12, 2013

    Update on my 149 S/N 2050047U464260 In addition to the rusty gas tank, another issue that has booted me out of the seat is the drive train on this tractor. The K321 manufactured for this series employs a slotted drive hub and a solid pin at the engine in front, with a single flex disk...
  13. jchamberlin

    Archive through February 18, 2013

    Steve B: Interesting Post, I think you've all given us some food for thought.
  14. jchamberlin

    M18 Inspection

    Pic 24 Split Ball Gage set If you’re like me, you had never heard of one of these instruments until the Kohler Service Manual mentions them at p. 10.7 under the heading “Valve Guides” where it reads, “To check valve guide to stem clearance, thoroughly clean the valve guide and, using a...
  15. jchamberlin

    M18 Teardown

    More Teardown Pics: Pic 24 A shot of Rod #2 on the crank. Pic 25 Close-up of the same shot. If you can’t tell from the picture, not only did the weight from the governor make an impression on the aluminum of the rod cap, but it also sheared off part of the stud before twisting...
  16. jchamberlin

    Archive through February 14, 2013

    Don T: I hope you read this before you get back to wrenching. You should be able to verify Top Dead Center (TDC) for the piston in the cylinder versus the timing mark on the cam very simply in a Kohler (but it will work for any engine, if you're careful). 1. Remove the spark plug 2. Insert...
  17. jchamberlin

    The Cola and Peanut Wars - which is Your favorite

    My apologies to Richard Palmer for hi-jacking his thread, but what I have to post seemed to fit the title he gave his thread. For what its worth: I finally tried "salted peanuts in a dope" as Larry Carter calls it. Harry Bursell wouldn't let up on his insistence that I try this treat, and...
  18. jchamberlin

    Archive through October 14, 2012

    Jeff: No Levers (means no Tampering, per Charlie). I think a two-piece bezel could be fabricated; the outer ring slipping over the back of the housing, and the inner ring securing a glass lens to replace the original, dingy plastic one. The bezel does need to be secure enough to compress the...
  19. jchamberlin

    Hour Meter Internals

    Thought I would post photos here so that in the future people would not have to search the Archives for an answer to a question that comes up now-and-then, "What does the inside of a IH/CC hour meter look like and how does it work?" Well the pictures below tell the story of what it looks...
  20. jchamberlin

    Archive through October 04, 2012

    I want to thank everyone who posted info on their "A" and "C" decks this past week. After reviewing the posts, and thinking about it, I've come to the following conclusions: 1. IH never made a deck with spherical "patio" wheels; they all had 1/2-round runners; the spherical "patio" wheels...