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    149 voltage regulator nightmare

    I'm glad the link is helping. As a shop teacher repeated to us over and over, "foreknowledge is fore armed" or another "if you ain't measur'in, yore just guess'in". Of all my IH stuff, trucks to tractor and the little Cub, only the trucks had any in depth electrical troubleshooting. When it...
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    149 voltage regulator nightmare

    Here's shot at it. IH used Delco Remy in almost all their equipment so the regulator and M/G from all the descriptions so far seem to point at them being Delco. The "L" terminal was for loads so as to not affect the regulator's bobbin action in controlling volts/amps for charging. As the...
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    o no water in the gas

    Good observation. That is what pre-mix is for. That occasional light duty chore in a postage stamp lot.
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    1650 Hydro - Draining Fuel Over Winter Months

    I second the Marine Stabil. I've been using it for years in my "collector" trucks and tractor. Has anyone ever seen gasoline gel? Years ago (pre-Stabil) one of my old Fords was parked 5 years. I kept it clean, just not running. When I went to put it back on the road, the whole fuel system...
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    IH push mower

    What's the year? Looks like a 70s rebadged LawnBoy.
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    1977, 1650 project

    I did some wheel and touch up on my 1650 this summer. The Iron Guard IH 935 was a spot on match for the white. Years ago I repainted the mower deck not knowing the hue differences and used an Iron Guard "power" white. It's white alright, though not a bright white. It actually contrasted...
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    CC 149 Volt Meter

    One thing I've found is the generator and/or alternator is very speed dependent. I thought I had the same problem on my 1650. It would barely charge at just above idle for putz'in around the fields. Above 2,000 RPM it would charge but if the headlights were on, it was at 0 or dip on the "D"...
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    Wheel weights

    Definitely more useful than lead soldiers
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    1977, 1650 project

    I strongly recommend against soldering wire connections. The crimp connector aside; solder will wick up the wire a bit and make it solid at the crimp. This reduced flexibility in the wire will cause cracking and separation down the road as there's a lot of vibration in these machines from the...
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    JD 214 ?

    Yeah, that Variator, (or variable sheave derivative), had me guessing. Lot's of belts all tucked up tight in there. I'll stay with my Cub and drive shaft ;)
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    JD 214 ?

    Our local electric shop had an '84 JD 214. One owner, complete with mower and tiller, Kohler K321, looks well maintained, no leaks, asking $1,300. I was interested, but not so sure after looking at the belt layout. With the simplicity of my Cub, I think I'll pass.
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    Ohio seat

    I've found that Oxi-Clean does real good. I had a Scout seat that was deeply soiled and the Oxi-Clean got right into the fissures and cleaned it like brand new. Thank you Billy Mays.
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    Look what followed me home: a K321A replacement engine...NOS?

    I doubt it. Mine has a 5.6mm and the head space on a 341 is too narrow to make the bend.
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    Plan ol' gas cap for 1450 plastic tank

    Boy howdie. I ran into this this summer. My 1st mistake was assuming one cap for most Cubs. My 1st purchase was too big, so I ate that one and is in spare parts. When I found the S/N connection, the 2nd was the correct one. However, it still didn't fit; it only screwed maybe a 1/4 to 1/2...
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    the Safety gas cans, pain

    I call those Cowtails "Digger's Dynamo Pills". Sometimes I'm tuckered out and have a little left to do. (but I don't want to take time to make a sandwich) 2 or 3 Cowtails later and that last 1/4 acre is done and tractor parked!
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    the Safety gas cans, pain

    I wondered about that. Well let me say thanks, mine restored the old 5 gallon one I use for the Graham Paige tiller. I think I've finally found a decent new can. I've been using a "No-Spill" for going on 8 or so years. I'm up to 2 to keep things running and getting gas isn't a special trip...
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    Engine oil

    Some of you guys sure spend a lot money for oil in an engine with no filter.
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    Engine oil

    That's life without Sgt. Joe Friday moderating
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    Engine oil

    Hey that ND Exxon 30 might be good for vintage 2 cycle pre-mid sixties.
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    Engine oil

    No 30wt in Utah? Napa, Carquest (especially in farm country) carry it as well as Case IH. It's best to go with what the OEM recommends. Kohler seems to "tolerate" multi-weight in their service/repair manuals for K series but the caveat can be increased consumption and carbon build up...