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  1. mhomrighausen

    Moving Forward

    I'm posting here so I don't get things off topic on the main Forum site. Angel and I have parted ways. After eighteen years we decided it is for the best. Her health has been going downhill and all I can say is .... between trying to balance work stress and home stress ... something was...
  2. mhomrighausen

    Archive through October 09, 2017

    Scott N. Thank You for your thoughts. Right now I don't have to sell any of them. Yes one day in the next couple of years I'm looking into retiring. All would make great retirement projects but I'm beginning to look into doing some traveling and perhaps some other things. I'm still planning on...
  3. mhomrighausen

    Archive through August 25, 2017

    If you check a local hardware store by bringing along the trunion piece then you can actually purchase either a bronze of steel piece that will either stick out a little (acting as a shim) or a regular flush with the metal on the trunion washer. Either way it's easier than buying several small...
  4. mhomrighausen

    Archive through July 07, 2017

    Ron S. The kitties aren't upset seeing a dog on a Cub Cadet. Fancy thinks it's neat when he sees dogs riding in cars and trucks. It's still too hot for me to be outside for along period of time.
  5. mhomrighausen

    Archive through June 28, 2017

    I second what Kraig M. said!
  6. mhomrighausen

    Archive through May 01, 2017

    Perhaps this site may provide some assistance into the Planet Junior original colors. CLICK HERE
  7. mhomrighausen

    28th Annual National Red Power Round Up Des Moines Iowa June 15-16-17 2017

    David S. I'll try and make Toledo in two weeks. Depends on if I have to work that weekend. A couple of tractors that I'd love to re-connect with are my F20 sn 68,399, Super H #28,492. Supposedly a doctor from Cedar Rapids bought the F20. I don't know who got my Super H. And the 706 sn 31,533...
  8. mhomrighausen

    Archive through October 14, 2016

    Jason W. I wish that I could do as good of repair as you've done.
  9. mhomrighausen

    Archive through June 21, 2016

    Jason W. Even Fancy agrees... Don't part out that 1250. Greg L. Nice looking deck.
  10. mhomrighausen

    Archive through May 01, 2016

    Brian B. Cool video. Thank You for sharing. I've never seen the version of seat that Charlie has pictured. We did find the steel seat that came on a parts 102 that I sold about three years ago.
  11. mhomrighausen

    Archive through July 27, 2014

    Many years ago while working for a company in West Liberty, Iowa, I was sent on a dlievery to the FARMALL plant in Rock Island. They were assembling the 86 Series at the time. I arrived at the Receiving Dock right at the start of their first break. From what I remember is they like any other...
  12. mhomrighausen

    Archive through June 29, 2014

    Jeff. what a cute snuggle pic of Timmy and Mittens, and Kraig, Selah looks so comfy all snugled in. I put the videos of the kids on YouTube, so they are safe and we dont lose them. if you wanna see them they are at Cathy
  13. mhomrighausen

    Archive through April 16, 2014

    Welcome to all the new members. Brian E. Great advice from the guys here. Follow it. You could also have a bad head gasket. Just follow and do the simplest of things first. Also, DON'T be afraid to replace the points pushrod. That little rod could cause a lot of problems once it is worn out...
  14. mhomrighausen

    Archive through January 21, 2014

    Don't know why it posted twice. But it is the start of a new page. I'm ready for spring.
  15. mhomrighausen

    Archive through February 23, 2013

    Jeff P. William is one happy little kitty. Thank You for sharing that picture.
  16. mhomrighausen

    Archive through January 16, 2013

    BTW... Absolutely AWESOME Pink little Cub Cadet and one very cute little Cub Cadet Cutie.
  17. mhomrighausen

    Archive through December 11, 2012

    Art A. Having learned last month that I now have mild/moderate hearing loss in both ears...After reading your post about the cab noise.... PLEASE make sure to wear protective hearing equipment. I was told that no longer can I listen with headphones any louder than way down low and hearing...
  18. mhomrighausen

    Archive through July 14, 2012

    Hi Angel here. Ahhhhh, Marty G...a correction. Marlin had NOTHING to do with cleaning up the 3 season porch. I did all the hard work out there. I'm not going to give him credit and he actually said I should set ya straight..hahaha..! It was SO hot out there and I did get abit overheated by the...
  19. mhomrighausen

    Archive through July 04, 2012

    These wouldn't let me post... Danged Archive Bug... If you want to see the Mississippi from the store's parking lot.Just in front of the white car is an alley. Upstairs (their office area and off limits) is a beautiful Head dress. And of course I can't forget how Fancy checked...
  20. mhomrighausen

    Archive through June 26, 2012

    Good morning, All. I've a quick question for those that have easy access to a K241 in one of their narrow or wide frame Cub Cadets. Would someone please measure the height of the engine when mounted to the frame from the top of the frame. I'm working on a project where space will be limited. I...