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  1. mhorozko

    Looked at this today

    Well, you can see by my avitar picture stock snow cabs aren't very big either
  2. mhorozko

    Those pesky pto set screws

    I use Never Seize on the install. Never had them backout unwanted.
  3. mhorozko

    Rear End Oil

    Well, when I'm Snow Throw'n and the temps are hover'n around 10 degs f. I think I'd rather have Hytran in my Gear Drive 122. I'll bet 30w gets way more Viscous then Hytran. However, come to think of it, I'll bet there's 30w in the creeper gearbox and 90deg cc42 thrower's gearbox.
  4. mhorozko

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New year Charlie
  5. mhorozko

    Winterization ?

    Thanks,Kinda hard to find here but Non Ethanol is sold at some Kwik Fill stations here. Octan is about 90. Use it in my lawn and garden Equipment and Hot Rods
  6. mhorozko

    Winter 2020-2021

    We got about 2ft! Sorry no pics of the 122 working. Just this one and the color isn't yellow and white
  7. mhorozko

    Winterization ?

    What are you calling snowmobile gas? Non Ethanol gas?
  8. mhorozko

    Winterization ?

    Loosen and remove spark plug, bring piston to TDC. Table spoon full of Clean 30w Oil down the spark plug hole and replace the sparkie
  9. mhorozko

    Peco lawn vac

    Hey Give that Guy with the Eye Glass's a Cigar pictured in the assembly instructions and he could pass for Grumpy Jenkens
  10. mhorozko

    K301 leaking oil

    So in the seal picture: the seal was blown right out of the casting because: the breather wasn't working proper? Because the ID of the seal seized to the shaft ripped and spun out of the casting bore?
  11. mhorozko

    Kohler K series short blocks

    Great work and use of your precision measuring tools! Way better hearing this than the many Hammer Mechanics over at FB that make me cringe! ha ha
  12. mhorozko

    How Cold Is IT?

    ya know, it's January 10th and it got to 6o degrees here in Buffalo,N.Y.! Unheard of! I'll bet mother Nature has really got something up her sleeve. Just wait'n for the most inopportune time to unleash a winter Blast!
  13. mhorozko

    Winter, 2019-2020

    Oh No, Traitor. And one of the Mainstays on here, Shame on you!
  14. mhorozko

    My 122

    love my 122 had it since new
  15. mhorozko

    Cub Cadet Specialties

    Ok thank you I went to my preferences turned the ads on and there they were.
  16. mhorozko

    Cub Cadet Specialties

    Is there no Link anywhere on this new forum? Or am I missing it Thanx, Mike
  17. mhorozko

    cub125 stubborn pto bearing

    there's no reason for the wear button to disintegrate unless the button in the center of the clutch engagement fingers is all buggered up or worse, missing
  18. mhorozko

    Removing head studs from K321

    I swear by never seize, never had anything back out prematurely because of it!
  19. mhorozko

    QA36A snowblower/thrower wear bar/scraper bar/shave plate

    I'm pretty angry with the amount of Salt or Brine or whatever it is they use on the streets here in western N.Y. I attribute the rust and corroded areas on my thrower to using it at the end of the driveway near the street. Sorry for the Rant. It is however, Something to think about!
  20. mhorozko

    Trial Run

    Very nice video I enjoyed it! Brought back Memories. I was a youngster too when I rode my first Cub. I'm 66 years old now and still ride'n that same one in my avitar!