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    How to bring back the paint shine on an 1863

    Any proven recommendations on how to bring back the "new look" paint shine on the hood and side panels of my model 1863? The plastic is in excellent condition, I don't want to have to repaint it yet.... THANKS in advance
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    Prismatic Powders for Federal Yellow and 935 White...?

    Does anyone know the corresponding Prismatic Powders (powder coating) to exactly match Cub Federal Yellow and 935 White. THANKS in advance.
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    54"Deck from Model 1863 for Sale

    Good condition, used this season. Power washed clean and ready to go, need to sell so I can downsize to a 42" deck. $75.00 Pittsburgh, PA area
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    109 Wiring Harness Install

    I'm about to install a new wiring harness on my Model 109, never done one before. Any "gotcha's" I should watch out for so I don't ruin something during the process. Also wondering about how long this should take, nothing has been disassembled yet - a weekend's worth of work? THANKS in advance...
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    Will a 106 Hood fit my 123?

    Does anyone know if a Cub Model 106 hood will fit correctly onto my Model 123? Thanks for the feedback.
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    Model 123 Hood Needed

    Anyone have an excellent condition Model 123 hood they would like to part with? Looking for one with no damage (dents, holes, etc.) rust is okay.
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    Need a Good Engine Shop for my K241A in Western PA

    Hello All - Anyone know of a really good rebuild shop in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio for my Kohler 241A engine? Doing a refurb and I don't have the tools or knowledge yet to do this myself. THANKS.
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    123 Headlights...?

    Gentlemen/Ladies, From what research I've done and also searching numerous after-market suppliers, it doesn't look like a headlight panel assembly was or is available for my model 123. Has anyone been able to substitute another model's headlight assembly into a model 123 without too much...
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    Hello from Western PA

    New owner of a model 123 that runs fine but needs some TLC. Hope to gain the needed technical knowledge from everyone here. Hope to also contribute whenever I can offer something.