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    12th Annual PA Plow Day

    12th Annual PA Plow Day April 21&22 Watsontown,PA
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    11th PA Plow Day

    11th Annual PA Plow Day April 15 and 16. 1820 River Rd Watsontown, PA. Over 100 hundred acres to plow. Over 200 hundred Garden Tractors.
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    10th annual PA Plow Day April 17th & 18th 2015

    1820 River Rd, Watsontown, PA. 17777 100 acres to plow. Many different fields.
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    Lift handle bracket for a 680

    What does the lift handle bracket look like to put a blade on a 680.
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    What am I suppose to do with these

    My nephew is bringing me two tractors this weekend. A JD 212 and WH 310-8. I told him I don't have room and the colors clash with the yellow. I guess I'll fix them up and sell them.
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    44C decks

    I finally found a 44C deck for my 782D. This one has wheels on the front, the old one just had runners. What is the difference?
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    Unadilla, NY Plow Day

    Would anybody in the Northeast be interested in a garden tracor plow day in Unadilla the first or second week of May? If so pm me.
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    9th Annual PA Plow Day

    Dates have been set for April 11th and 12th. Waiting for update on location. Sure it will be close to Danville, PA.
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    782 3 point hitch on a 782D

    Will a 782 sleeve hitch work on my 782D. I see you could get a Cat 0 but I don't really need all that.I would like to plow with my diesel in April.
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    #U1111 tiller

    Did IH build a tiller for a lawn tractor? A guy called this a.m. and wanted to know if I would be interested in a 40" tiller. When I say the picture it said International Cadet across the back. He said the #U1111 was all he could read.
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    8th Annual Danville PA Plow Day April 12&13, 2013

    They are having a pulled pork dinner Friday night with a BS session and swap meet. I'm ready! Oh and its only GTs. Any color.
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    Cub Cadet 1912

    I am thinking about looking at a 1912. The book says it was the replacement for the 982. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with one? Shush don't tell anyone. Would it make a good plow tractor? I need something big to compete with those big green tractors.
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    Archive through July 29, 2012

    Thanks Frank, I will look into it more next weekend. I have vacation coming in a couple of weeks and I have plenty of work to do on the herd.
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    Archive through July 21, 2012

    All, I feel real bad about what happened to Don. But we all at some point stumbled on to this site looking for info on our cubs. I am now addicted and every chance I get I check it out. Not only for the info but also the entertainment. Sometimes you guys crack me up! Anyways, I don't believe it...
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    Archive through December 05, 2010

    I've put a quit a bit of money into my 127 & 125 and have started on my 126, but I get alot of enjoyment out of working on them and working them.
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    Archive through November 30, 2010

    Charlie, Did'nt anyone tell you, "if it ain't broke don't touch it". Just kidding, i'm sure you had to do something important.
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    Bolens Websites

    I went on a Bolens website to find more info about the 650 and your not allowed to ask any mechanical questions. Guess we are pretty spoiled here, Thanks Charlie
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    Bolens 650

    I think I've been home to long! Went and bought a Bolens 650 off of evilpay. Its in pretty good shape, looks all original.Did't pay to much so I have something new to tinker with.
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    Jocobsen super chief

    anyone know anything about them