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  1. balbrecht

    Tractor For Sale Cub Cadet 127 for sale

    Selling a Cub Cadet 127. I took this apart and refurbished it about 15 years ago. The paint job is rattle can, looks better in the pictures than in person, it's scratched and scuffed from use. Comes with the weights, a very lightly used set of original Firestones (not reproductions), sleeve...
  2. balbrecht

    Parts For Sale NOS K341 Short Block for a 169

    NOS Kohler K341 short block, spec number 4552238. This should fit a 169, it has a 3" PTO crankshaft end and if you search the forum that spec number comes up in a discussion of 169 engine spec numbers. I used to be able to pull that spec number up on Kohler's web site and it said...
  3. balbrecht

    Tiller and Engine Parts

    Tonights garage cleaning. Kohler K301 0.010 over piston kit. Part No. 47-874-08-S. $100 shipped Kohler K301/K241 Intake valve Part No. 235008 $20 shipped Kohler Ring standard size ring set for a K341 Part No 45-108-06-S. I'm not sure which piston style this fits, I think it is for...
  4. balbrecht

    Wide Frame Tail Light Assembly

    Anyone need a wide frame tail light assembly? I just have the one. Box says April 1988. Lenses is not 100% perfect from being in the box all these years, you can tell the face of the lens rubbed the box. The picture shows it pretty well $35 shipped.
  5. balbrecht

    10" or 12" Plow

    I don't really know much about this, there are very few markings on it. Appears to be either a 10 or 12 inch width. Someone has rigged up a home made 3pth attachment for it. I do know that it's really heavy, and I'm tired of moving it around the shed. $50 picked up in Hammond WI.
  6. balbrecht

    10" Brinly Plow

    Nice 10 inch Brinly plow. I put a new share on it about 10 years ago and it hasn't been in the ground since. $125 picked up in Hammond WI.
  7. balbrecht

    Cub Cadet Rear Rake and Blade

    Rear rake and blade. Rake still has the gauge wheels and adjustment knob. I've used it several times over the years. works great. Blade is missing the knob for pivoting the angle, and at some point in time it looks like someone welded something on the back edge of it. Would clear right up...
  8. balbrecht

    Cub Cadet 70

    1963 Cub Cadet model 70, serial number 67094. I've had this tractor for a number of years, but the reality is I will never get around to restoring it. Nice straight machine, starts right up but does smoke, needs an engine rebuild. Still has the original battery hold down for the large battery...
  9. balbrecht

    Archive through May 04, 2018

    Three weeks ago we had over a foot of snow. Wednesday I looked at the lawn and thought I might have to mow this weekend. Emergency mower care package delivered. I did get an extra snowblower belt just in case.....
  10. balbrecht

    Archive through December 14, 2017

    Kraig M, Let me check my body parts tub on Saturday. I know I have new ones, I think I may have at least one old one also that I may use as a test spring. -Brian
  11. balbrecht

    Archive through February 06, 2016

    New Kohler 237878-s stator kit. Fits quitetline aqs series engines. $35 shipping included in the lower 48. Email in profile. Thanks -Brian
  12. balbrecht

    Archive through February 11, 2015

    Harry B, Any chance you can take some measurements of the springs that came with your rear blade/rake? Those springs are very hard to find.
  13. balbrecht

    Archive through July 24, 2014

    Got bit by the archive bug. Tiller listed below is spoken for. Today's garage clean out items: CCO grille, brace and metal emblem. No breaks in anything but a few of the wires around the edge could be straightened and it needs sandblasting and painting. $65 shipped USPS to the lower 48...
  14. balbrecht

    Archive through May 10, 2012

    Kraig M, My dad's 127 also came with the black starter generator new from the factory.
  15. balbrecht

    Archive through February 22, 2012

    Tim, I've found the easiest way to fix leaks with those old sediment bowls is to simply replace the entire assembly and be done with it. Several of the sites listed at the top of the page will sell you a new one for under $15. If you go to a Cub Cadet dealer they will sell you the update...