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    Archive through April 22, 2017

    And my wife mowed using the 169 yesterday. You need to move Charlie!
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    Archive through April 13, 2016

    Maybe a rock stuck somewhere in there not allowing the blade to drop.
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    Archive through March 30, 2016

    Roger B. If all checks out on your test, Some meters have an adjustment screw on them, not sure about the cub cadet ones. Or you maybe able to tweak adjust it back to center
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    Archive through March 24, 2016

    Good day all. I was over at my cabin last weekend, and while cleaning up stuff from the last wind storm I wondered about a front mounted brush rake to put on the 123. Has anyone ever seen or made one of these on a GT sized machine?
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    Archive through March 11, 2016

    Frank, that's just wrong
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    Archive through March 07, 2016

    Thanks Billy. looking at your pic's you should have plenty of firewood next winter once you get those windfalls cleaned up.
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    Archive through March 07, 2016

    Here's a couple of pics from over at the cabin the weekend before last. Went over to build a second wood shed up the hill to store more firewood. I used the 123 and trailer to haul the building supplies up the hill. man what back saver.
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    The paint was on so thick on the false tank that I had to start with 40 grit to cut though it I then followed that with primer filler and 100 grit. More filler and 150, and more filler 220. I alternated from red filler to gray filler to see better. The bigger flatter pieces like the...
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    I wasn't sure if I should post here or in "things that kill my cub time" I finally decide here would be a good place. This winters project is to repaint my Honda GL100. I bought the bike in the summer of 2014 from one of my customers. He had bought it as basket case from a guy in Cali. He...
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    Archive through February 14, 2016

    I like the cross brace that ties the uprights together on that loader. As far as the clutch arm mount for narrow frames, I welded a piece of angle iron right to the frame of the 106 sgt. It doesn't show from up top. But I'm not real concerned about it being original, just strong.
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    Archive through February 09, 2016

    Ok, who broke the forum this time?
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    Archive through February 09, 2016

    If that 169 has only 200 hours on it, it was used hard. Check out the cracks on the dash tower where it bolts to the frame. Also the muffler heat shield has big crack in it too. And why black out part of the serial number? That silver paint on the exhaust elbow would burn off with in the first...
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    Archive through February 07, 2016

    I did bend the Kwik way on the Mt1800. But I had modified it for longer bucket cylinders...oops.
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    Archive through February 07, 2016

    Charlie, I think loaders go well on all cub cadets. Especially mine
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    Archive through February 01, 2016

    I vote for bad plug. I'll trow this out again - thexton #404 spark tester. How well is that plug grounded laying on the corroded tin as you crank over the engine?
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    Archive through February 01, 2016

    Matt G. "I feel like I say this every week, but I'll say it again: randomly replacing parts until the problem is solved is the most expensive and frustrating way to troubleshoot electrical problems." I agree, Test, test and test. I'll throw this out again, get a test light and spark tester...
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    Archive through January 23, 2016

    Ed C. also check the ignition coil output, a cold engine require higher voltage than a warm engine. Also retorque the head as you might have a small compression leak which will cause hard start cold.
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    CLEAN Jokes

    The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, 'Well, I'm off now. The man should be here soon.' Half an hour later, just by chance, a...
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    Archive through January 22, 2016

    Matt G. let me clarify, I would not be checking for voltage with a test light - unless its all I had, I would be using a volt meter at that point of testing. I would not depend on a ohm meter for a definitive test of good or bad. Most of the testing I do on cars at this point I am using a lab...