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  1. K

    Cub Cadet 70

    I like the custom air filter on the O.
  2. K

    electric PTO clutch

    How do you check if the coil is still good ? I have three of them in a box of parts i inherited from my brother and would like to know how to test them. Thanks
  3. K

    1650 Hydro - Draining Fuel Over Winter Months

    I had ethanol gas turn to jello in my 70 over winter a few years ago. I now use non ethanol in everything. The extra cost fuel means no more carb repairs.
  4. K

    Cub Cadet 70

    Dig that crazy shifter!
  5. K

    Wheel weights

    Mower deck gauge wheel bolts will tear up tires like that. Voice of experience. Had a 42 inch deck do it to my long ago 124.
  6. K

    Best CC addition!

    And on the best. A 147!
  7. K

    I need help

    Has the rare dual exhaust too.
  8. K

    Fan to replace PTO assembly

    Check the fins and shroud more often as mice like to build nests in there. Then the engine overheats and blows the head gasket. The voice of bad experience or I learned this the hard way.
  9. K

    HDS 2185 - PTO Clutch Stop Stud

    Try reversing the belt, sometimes they run better on direction than the other.
  10. K

    Unexpectedly my son pased away.

    Lonnie I am very sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain if I were to lose a child.
  11. K

    Engine oil

    WOW Kraig JD oil in a Cub Cadet. Sacralege.
  12. K

    Kohler 7 hp 161 rebuild kit

    I agree with Dennis Frisk. I also have used STENS parts with very good results.
  13. K

    42 in deck

    Just wondering if you put the clutch on with the bearing pushed back if it releases correctly? I fear the center button may bottom out on the end of the crankshaft.
  14. K

    Kohler K90

    Looks like the fuel tank is larger than the engine.
  15. K

    forty eight years....not bad

    Some people put a bolt on the spring side when running a tiller.
  16. K

    127New Belt too short.

    Also make sure you have the correct tension on it. The spring should be stretched a bit. The manual has the measurement from mule drive to center of pulley 3 or 3.5 inch I think. And the new belt will stretch after a few mowings.
  17. K

    106 mule drive belt kicking off spring pulley

    One other thing to try is reverse the belt so it is pulling the opposite direction. I had trouble when i switched from snow duty to mowing and it would throw the belt. Some belts like one direction better.
  18. K

    My 147 in Indiana

    147 one of the best series built.
  19. K


    Band Of Brothers. Watch the interviews with the Men that lived the war.
  20. K

    Leaky Dip Stick?

    Or try a tack weld, it doesn't take much.