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  1. J

    Archive through September 11, 2015

    I apologize if I am being a pest as I am still trying to get my 125, 48" mower deck running without any success. I have taken the deck, and under carriage off the 125 numerous times hoping to see something that might explain why the apparently correct IH-489397-R3 3/8" wide 75 1/2" long belt...
  2. J

    Mig Welder size?

    Thinking of a MIG welder, and since a lot of people on here restore Cub Cadets I am seeking your expert opinions on sizing the MIG. My cubs are models 70, 123 and 125. Researching it seems the biggest issue people have is buying to small. Is there also a problem with going to big? My gut leads...
  3. J

    42" cast end deck restore

    I have finally started to dig into my model 70, 42" cast end deck. I stripped it down and have been trying my hand at electrolysis. I've been using a plastic trash barrel standing the deck vertically 1/2 section at a time. It's coming out pretty good: some places are down to bare metal and...
  4. J

    Archive through August 03, 2012

    Thanks everybody so far so good. Getting there!! Taking the breather cap off gave me just enough room to pull the rearend back. I now have the shifter assebmbly off and can see from ther bottom that the cup is broken free. Trying to understand how to take this apart. My shift lever has what...
  5. J

    Grease gun suggestions

    In the market for another grease gun as my last one gave up the ghost. I don't want an air gun, and don't need an electric. I know that there two basic types a lever operated or a pistol grip. My last was a lever type. Are grease guns pretty much the same other than some are very cheaply...
  6. J

    Torque wrench

    I think it's time I bought a torque wrench. My main use will be for working on Cub Cadets. Not having the luxury of buying a real good one. I wondered about an inexpensive one from Sears. They have on for $29.99 3/8 with an adapter for 1/2 and it has a range of 0-75 ft lbs. Or even a used one...
  7. J

    Stainless Square U Bolts

    On my small utility trailer/cub hauler I broke a leaf spring. I bought two new leaf springs and removed the old. I new the U bolts would break trying to remove them and they didn't disappoint. My problem is I couldn't find a replacement size locally, however I did locate some exact replacements...
  8. J

    Hydraulic floor jack help

    I've got a 2 1/4 ton Sears hydraulic floor jack. I've had it for a while and first used it to hold up the transmission on my 125 cub as I split the tractor. I am all done: new driveshaft with new front and rear couplers, trunion bracket repairn new grass screen on the motor etc. Last evening...
  9. J

    Archive through January 12, 2008

    Charlie I checked underneath and the Clutch Pedal return spring is there and working ok. Donald I think you mean the Rod assy cam centering and the associated swivel? I couldn't see those parts from underneath. I still need to do the trunion speed fix so I guess this spring I will...
  10. J

    Heating the garage

    Good evening everybody. I finally have my garage and have my two cubs under a roof. No power or insulation just yet, but getting there. I wanted to heat the garage so I could work (play)during the winter. I was intending to use a coal stove that I had, but thought about getting a Rinnai propane...
  11. J

    Archive through August 15, 2004

    Thanks Wyatt. I've finaly got a schedule for construction of my first home garage. Looking forward to restoring a mod 70. Sandblasting looks like the route to go. I did take a peek at the electrolysis method in the archives and that looks interesting especially for small pieces. jimmac