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    Has anyone converted a Brinley pull behind dethatcher to a sleeve hitch. I would like to use the sleeve hitch for up and down and to engage and disengage the ground. Would make backing into areas easier.
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    782 with both plow and sleeve hitch...???

    782 with plow AND sleeve hitch...Question. My 782 has both the plow and the sleeve hitch installed. How do you stop the plow from going up and down when you only want to use the sleeve hitch?
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    Front Mounted Electric Mower Deck

    I finally finished the article regarding the building of a front mounted electric motor power mowing deck. Hope you enjoy it! FRONT MOUNTED ELECTRIC MOWER DECK FOR John Deere ELECTRIC GARDEN TRACTOR | RVB Precision
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    John Deere 214 Electric Conversion...So Far!

    Yes, I know it isn't RED or Yellow and White......But it does have yellow wheels! I decided that this conversion will be 36V rather than 48 that the Toro conversion was. See this conversion here.... The JD214 having a 4 speed transmission and not running a mower deck...
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    Full Article with Pics on Tractor Electric Conversion

    It's not CC, but hope it helps if others want to attempt this...Full Article with Pics on Tractor Electric Conversion Lawn / Garden Tractor Conversion to Electric | RVB Precision
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    DIY Receiver hitch for Electric Toro

    Fabricated a receiver hitch for my Toro Electric Tractor. Had to move a 2000# trailer last night. Had to go up quite a hill. Tractor didn't even breath hard! All that battery weight really helps traction on wet grass....
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    Completed TORO Electric Conversion Walk Around and Demo Video

    This is a video "Walk Around" and a demo ride of my completed Toro Lawn Tractor conversion. (Now I just need to solve some vibrating body panels to quiet it down) Thanks to a bunch of folks on this site that helped with a ton of questions I had....
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    Great deals available on CCs

    Just cruising Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist I'm finding all kinds of good deals on CC tractors....One that really got my attention is a 782 for $200 and close by. I'd post a few of them for others but it is against the rules here.
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    Toro Lawn Tractor Conversion to Electric...It Runs!

    First test of my Toro Lawn Tractor conversion to electric motor. Only running it on 24V to be safe. Will attach the other two batteries for 48V tomorrow. Something is rubbing making that clicking sound. Will figure that out. Has tons of power even on 24V. Put it up against a fence post and it...
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    Cub Cadet 782 Renovation...From Beginning to End

    I just wrote an article on my IH Cub Cadet 782 renovation I completed a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it! International Harvester Cub Cadet 782 Garden Tractor Renovation | RVB Precision
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    And It Starts....Electric Tractor

    Yea, I know its not a CC.....It's a Toro. I'm converting it to electric. I'll document the whole procedure and why I used what I used in an article when it's done. For now a tease....
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    CC 782 no down force????

    Today while installing a Sleeve Hitch on my CC782 I realized that there is no power down. The hydraulics lift the plow or mower up, but gravity lowers the implements. It looks like the lifting arm has a hole it it that could be attached to the hydraulic ram and afford down this...
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    Sleeve hitch and fabricated receiver today

    Bought a used sleeve hitch from one of the folks on this forum.....He gave me a great deal! Installed it on my CC 782 today and welded up a receiver hitch for moving trailers around the property. I designed the receiver so the top of it rest on the sleeve hitch bracket. The weight of the...
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    782 Sleeve Hitch "PIN PLATE?????"

    I bought a sleeve hitch second hand for my 782 It came with all parts including the straight lift bar. But it did not come with a "PIN PLATE" From a few articles I've sourced (and photo below) it appears I do not need a Pin Plate as the lift arm just attaches to the cylinder link with an...
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    Trunion Help please....

    CC 782....Just getting ready to weld a spacer to correct the wear as outlined in many posts here. Question: Is there supposed to be space between the big spring and the trunion slot? I have .150" here
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    Fiber Drive Shaft Discs....How Tight????

    I replaced the fiber driveshaft discs today. Pretty easy job, but I can't find info on how tight the bolts should be. Anyone know?
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    Finished gauge install, CC 782, Kohler KT-17 II

    I finished installing and connecting the Oil Pressure gauge in my CC 782. Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature and Battery Voltage. Did a quick video showing the entire electrical system.
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    Great project found on FB marketplace 1970 Wheel Horse GT14 tractor with Loader, 3 pt hitch and Brinly Hitch adapter Andover, CT
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    Cub loaders $800 and $1000

    Found on Facebook Marketplace. Located in DE