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    electric PTO clutch

    How do you check if the coil is still good ? I have three of them in a box of parts i inherited from my brother and would like to know how to test them. Thanks
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    Cadet 424 snow blade

    For sale model 424 snow blade for Lawn tractors like a 1205 or 1411 Price $100.00
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    Archive through April 20, 2019

    Earl they use the motor for chute tilt control also.
  4. K

    Archive through September 25, 2018

    Wayne is it sucking air around the throttle shaft? Put a little gun grease around the throttle shaft and try resetting the carb to stop the hunting.
  5. K

    Jerry Harvey

    Another cub collector passes. Jerry passed away in Quincy Il this past Friday. He had restored several Cub Cadets over the years. I know he posted a few times on here and read the forum nearly every day. RIP brother.
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    Archive through August 16, 2017

    Dave the wire would be to plug into headlights.
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    Garden Tractor Daze Portage WI

    Garden Tractor Daze 2nd annual show All makes welcome July 12th-14th in Portage WI Columbia county fairgrounds. Anyone planning to attend?
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    Archive through March 31, 2011

    Don T it will be real easy to get to the motor mount bolts now.
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    2185 wiring diagram

    does anyone have the wiring diagram for a 2185 cub cadet that they coukd share, am trying to fix a friends tractor. thanks Kendal Harvey