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  1. 1811Cub

    Parts Wanted 1050 Lift Handle pin/cap

    WANTED- The manual lift handle float pin and cap that is correct for my 1989 1050 garden tractor. The part numbers are 711-3124/911-3124 for the steel pin and 720-3014 for the cap. These parts came on a variety of Cub garden and lawn tractors over the years other than the 1050 such as the 482...
  2. 1811Cub

    Added another one..

    Here are my three Cubs serving in mower duty: From left to right 1050, 1811, 782. The 1050 is the most recent. It had been for sale for a while, and when the price came down to an acceptable level, I bought it. I had wanted a "back to basics" Cub that followed the original formula: K241, 3...
  3. 1811Cub

    782/1811 front bumpers

    I just finished adding bumpers to both of my Cubs that serve mower duty. The bumper on the 1811 is an original Cyclops part number 190-398-100 bumper. The one on my 782 is a 2000 series bumper part number 190-298-100 modified with brackets made by me to duplicate the much more expensive and...
  4. 1811Cub

    New member from PA

    I'm fairly new to Cub Cadets. I just bought a larger property in northern PA and needed a tractor to maintain it. After being totally underwhelmed with the modern offerings from most manufacturers, I went with a vintage Cub-actually a pair of them. I first purchased my 1811 this May, and my 1711...