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  1. mconway

    Hello from upstate NY

    welcome fellow'll find a good people and info here.....
  2. mconway

    We lost a long time member

    Sad news indeed....RIP fellow cubber.....
  3. mconway

    forty eight years....not bad

    when i opened the jaw dropped....either there was big change or what i believe was the original spring wasn't....but i put the new one on and adjusted everything a set out mowin'....all good so far....thanks ccs....
  4. mconway

    forty eight years....not bad

    Hi Harry....i got the tractor from my mother in law years ago....they bought it new so pretty sure it's original....i also the garage someplace....never installed original ih wheel weights for it....
  5. mconway

    forty eight years....not bad

    well....after forty eight years the mule drive extension spring on my 1973 ih cub cadet 109 finally let go.....i've got one comin' from Charlie so she'll be back soon....i decided to call the largest cub dealer locally to see if they had anything....when i gave the guy the part number he...
  6. mconway

    New Member from Central NY with a 1450

    good morning fellow new yorker.... this site has a bunch of great people with a wealth of knowledge about cubs cadets and you will find answers to any questions you may have.
  7. mconway

    blade flew off :/

    same thing happened to me two years ago....42 inch deck on my 109....i was lucky cuz the pic of the pieces in the grass is how i found everything....not staged....had a new keyway machined 180 degrees away on the spindle and so far so good....
  8. mconway

    Finally got to use the blade!

    here's my cheaper than dirt lift rod that i use on my 109 with the blade.....1/2 inch threaded rod with two clevis ends from mcmaster good for me
  9. mconway

    No Choke....

    when it's october in western new york....ya need a choke....well the clip that holds the choke cable on my 109 disappeared but when ya got ty's all good....redneck engineering comes thru again.....
  10. mconway

    Second Spindle This Year

    Ok, I must be missing something on my 42 inch that I rebuilt a couple of years ago. it's been fine until this year and I just had a second keyway failure of the season. My question is, does the key go through the washer I have marked in red? I don't remember the old washers having a notch so...
  11. mconway

    new guy with a 1211

    Is it the pipe thread that is stripped? If so it might be easier to just add a flange to your muffler and use the two 1/4 inch , I think, on the sides of the port. If it's the tapped holes then a helicoil will work.
  12. mconway

    It sux to be me....

    so when i was 75% done mowing 42 inch decided she had enough.....all of a sudden the blades stopped so i looked down on the left side just in time to see the spindle drop down after i disengaged the pto. here is what she looked like in july 2015 after the refurb that i did and...
  13. mconway

    still kickin'.....i haven't posted in quite a while so first off....i hope everybody is healthy and doing's my daughter doing

    i sure hope so kraig....her brother has a couple of those orange tractors so he doesn't need it.... 👍
  14. mconway

    still kickin'.....i haven't posted in quite a while so first off....i hope everybody is healthy and doing's my daughter doing

    i haven't posted in quite a while so first off....i hope everybody is healthy and doing's my daughter doing a little cleanup at her house with my '73 109 that her grandparents bought new in 1973....
  15. mconway

    New member from New York

    welcome aboard fellow new yorker....
  16. mconway

    Lift rods's what i did for the front blade on my 109...1/2 inch threaded rod and two clevis ends from mcmaster carr....
  17. mconway

    Archive through June 06, 2019

    Bernie P....welcome...i've gotten a lot of great advice, tips and comments on my '73 109...great people here
  18. mconway

    Archive through March 25, 2019

    David...assuming that the 25 foot mentioned on your roller is actually 25 inches, i'm thinking that your roller is roughly 670 lbs. I have one made from an old hot water tank filled with concrete and i figured that comes in at about 800 lbs. and as you works great
  19. mconway

    Archive through October 12, 2018

    guess i better get some more wheel bearings fromm ccs....second set in two years don't know what's going on....any thoughts cubbers?