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  1. mconway

    forty eight years....not bad

    well....after forty eight years the mule drive extension spring on my 1973 ih cub cadet 109 finally let go.....i've got one comin' from Charlie so she'll be back soon....i decided to call the largest cub dealer locally to see if they had anything....when i gave the guy the part number he...
  2. mconway

    No Choke....

    when it's october in western new york....ya need a choke....well the clip that holds the choke cable on my 109 disappeared but when ya got ty's all good....redneck engineering comes thru again.....
  3. mconway

    Second Spindle This Year

    Ok, I must be missing something on my 42 inch that I rebuilt a couple of years ago. it's been fine until this year and I just had a second keyway failure of the season. My question is, does the key go through the washer I have marked in red? I don't remember the old washers having a notch so...
  4. mconway

    It sux to be me....

    so when i was 75% done mowing 42 inch decided she had enough.....all of a sudden the blades stopped so i looked down on the left side just in time to see the spindle drop down after i disengaged the pto. here is what she looked like in july 2015 after the refurb that i did and...
  5. mconway

    Archive through July 03, 2015

    chris and frank....i got some of them too but i admit...using them for oil spout funnels never occurred to me...but i still have them and now have a use for them so mama can't say wth are you keepin' them guys ever get that?
  6. mconway

    NY Plow Day

    In case anybody is interested. We are planning our 5th annual NY plow day here in Newark. All are welcome. We don't care of make, color, size or condition. We've had horses in the past and garden tractors. If interested please call Todd at 315-374-7548