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  1. Bill Pelton IV

    Narrow frame wide frame front axle question

    Has anyone ever modified narrow frame spindles to fit on a wide frame axle? I know super axles exist I'm just trying to see what I can work with.
  2. Bill Pelton IV

    Super steer axle question

    I'm curious as I'm trying to weigh options for a custom project, does anyone know which super axles kick forward, and which ones lift the front of the tractor?
  3. Bill Pelton IV

    Fuel cap issues

    The neck on this otherwise good tank is hammered and attempts to get it back into shape are not going too well, do the replacement caps have a cork gasket or something that might seal a bit if I get the fill hole on the tank a bit straight?
  4. Bill Pelton IV

    Weighted up the 100

    Got some more weight and comparably better rubber on the back of the 100. Not sure what the weights are off of but it's odd they lack a valve stem slot. Ideally would like to find a pair of outer weights that fit down in the deep dish of the rim someday.
  5. Bill Pelton IV

    Oddball wheel spacers

    Not really sure what these could have been off of. The bolt pattern seems correct but the center is just a hair too big to fit GT wheels. I'll see if I can get a couple more pics later but I believe they are only about 3 inches wide. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Bill Pelton IV

    100 rear tires

    Ever drive yourself nuts thinking about a project to the point that your awake at quarter of midnight debating on it? That's me right now with rear tires for my 100. Still aways off from ordering any but the debate rages on. I plan to use the tractor for moldboard plowing and general barnyard...
  7. Bill Pelton IV

    1967 Massey Ferguson 10

    This is actually one of my favorites belt drive or not. These tractors were built by AMF for massey and came with a Tecumseh engine and Peerless transaxle like the ones used in Deeres of the time. Mine got a repower from the previous owner using a harbor freight engine which I was luckily able...
  8. Bill Pelton IV

    50A deck on a 127?

    I may have the chance to pick up a 50A deck and I was wondering if a 127 with a 14 horse repower would have enough power to run it? Not sure if I'd run into any further fitment issues either if anyone has input it would be much appreciated
  9. Bill Pelton IV

    My Cadets

    Figure I can keep them together at this point. First is my very first GT, a 1965 100. Still slowly gathering parts to put this one together how I want. Would like to build a land plow tractor out of this one. How I bought it:
  10. Bill Pelton IV

    My 122 Narrow Front

    Figured some would be interested in this one, been very popular at the shows I've attended. My 1966 122 that I call "Tired Iron". When a good friend of the family passed I was given this tractor. His pulling doodlebugs (think homemade tractors) were always left rusty and called Tired Iron so...
  11. Bill Pelton IV

    New to me Spirit of 76

    Just picked up this Spirit of 76 and have started tinkering with it. Unfortunately the original seat and it's pan are completely shot but the rest seems decent even the deck that came with. Not sure how healthy the Briggs is but it seems to have good compression. Currently fighting with a spark...
  12. Bill Pelton IV

    Hello from Maine

    Hello and thanks for the add! Have several cubs along with other brands and hope being in a less chaotic environment than Facebook will help me figure out a few things better