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    Danco Underdrive for Original

    Generally, seals will have a number stamped in the metal. That number can be used for a cross reference. Otherwise, if you know the OD, ID and thickness of the seal, you can use that to determine a replacement. I would measure the OD of the shaft and the ID of the part that the seal is...
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    Kohler Mag 20 dumping fuel again

    Interesting. I've used Sea Foam for years on all my stuff and have never had any problems. And I've got a lot of older vehicles/small equipment. I'll use that over anything else I've ever tried.
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    Gannon Excavator

    For the most part I agree with that statement. But my younger daughter wants my 1971 Cutlass in the worst way so she's learned to drive a stick. The older one wants the Grand National. Neither is interested in the 1965 F100.
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    CC 149 Volt Meter

    Fully charged battery is approximately 2.1 volts per cell. A battery needs more 2.15 volts per cell to charge. Below is a quick reference chart from a major battery manufacturer for charge condition using both voltage and specific gravity.
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    CC 149 Volt Meter

    The charging system should be putting out a minimum of 13.2 volts, ideally the range should be between 13.6 to 14.2. Fully charged batteries should show 12.6 volts or above. 12.1 to 12.4 is partially discharged.
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    In the market for a good DA

    I have a Craftsman DA that I've used for 30 years. I don't use it everyday anymore but it's still in great shape.
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    Exhaust valve condition on K-301

    Whitish exhaust is normal. I'd leave the exhaust valve alone unless you're going to do a full rebuild. If any oil is getting through a valve guide, it will be the intake due to the suction on the intake stroke. Based on your plug description, sounds more like the oil is getting past the rings.
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    Need help finding right part

    That type of pin on the connector is similar to older style oil pressure or temperature senders. You need a mating connector like one of the two listings below...
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    2084: This is a bad starter, right?

    The only way to accurately test the condition or charge on a battery is with a battery hydrometer. That will show the charge condition of each cell. I've had batteries that show full charge after charging but one cell still showed fully discharged with the hydrometer. In those cases, the...
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    The Franken 169 Project

    I only used the shroud for the AQS and modified the rest of the original parts to fit with it. I don't recall that there was much for modification. The only other thing that I did was to block off any holes that the AQS shroud had that the original didn't.
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    The Franken 169 Project

    From an originality perspective, the folks comments are generally correct. But from a practical point of view, my opinion is that the AQS engine is better at least from the starting/charging perspective. I converted my 129 over a few years back and have never been happier. Starts much better...
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    Brinly plow

    I don't have a plow but have been contemplating getting one so out of curiosity I read through the manual. The plow depth caught my eye at 5"-6" deep. Back in the day when we were still moldboard plowing on the farm, we were plowing at a depth 10"-12". The Brinley depth doesn't seem to be...
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    Lock Washers

    I agree with Greg. I've worked on a lot of equipment over the years and always noticed that the split lock washers were nearly always broken. Like he said, use a good flat washer (hardened if available) to spread the load, proper torque and Loctite if you need the extra insurance. I do...
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    129 hydro drive shaft hole is to big pins fall though.

    This is a parts list with pictures to convert. Through some horsetrading, I ended up with a parts 1450 w/o engine so I had to purchase the engine parts separately. Since the 129 engine is solid mounted, you may not need item (50) but I installed it anyway. I just modified my original shaft to...
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    129 hydro drive shaft hole is to big pins fall though.

    That's exactly what I did on my 129. I got tired of having to keep replacing the pin.
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    1450 Power steering Upgrade

    There's a guy by the name of James Johnson that has posted videos on Youtube for converting a 1650 over to power steering. However, he used a set up from a John Deere.
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    Seats !

    Hey Digger, could you take a pic of the 3 point on that tractor? What model is it? Thanks,
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    Just a bit of trivia - Hiniker Cab was located in Mankato MN. There was also a small park in Mankato called Hiniker pond. Great place to go hang out as a young adult on weekends during the summer months.
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    Plug gap for points on a 10 HP K241

    Here are some screenshots from the Kohler service manual. Points are set to 0.020" but may differ slightly with the static timing method. Plugs are 0.035" for battery ignition and 0.025" for magneto.
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    CLEAN Jokes

    Should be labeled clockwise or counterclockwise.