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  1. J

    Archive through May 31, 2014

    You guys please feel free to be embarrassed. I was taught if it's worth doing it's worth doing RIGHT!
  2. J

    Gardens 2013

    I'll try to kick this off. I've been given a truck load of wood mulch and have already mulched most of our trees. Is there any reason to not use this in the garden to mulch tomatoes, peppers etc.?
  3. J

    Archive through July 07, 2010

    Bob P. & Charlie I have no experience with Cub Cadet loaders but I can say every quietline I ever owned had frame cracks where the axle channel is welded to the left frame rail. Anyone spending time or money on quietlines owes it to him/herself to check this out. JH
  4. J

    CUB CADET 804

    Anyone have info on a 804? 138-517-100/804/B038G serial no. 35
  5. J


    Got my coupons today. Anyone have your converter box yet and which model is the one to have? Good points/bad points? JH