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    Cub Cadet 3206

    If the motor turns over, all the safeties are good. As Gary said, unhook the whit kill wires on the mags and crank it. If you have spark, then you have a short or failed ignition switch. Do the CH's have the diodes in the kill circuit like the Vanguards? If they do, you could have a shorted...
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    149 that just clicks

    I don't see the harness on Mr. Charlies site but check with these people.
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    3206 14A 652 100 Cub Cadet

    That is a common issue on the 3k tractors. You will need to pull the seat assembly, foot pedals & floorboard bolts to remove the fender pan/ floorboard assembly as one piece. Here are some pics of the spool valve pulled apart and the O rings for the spool valve. I would also replace the spring...
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    Parts Wanted 782d dash panel

    I was thinking the dash is the same but they have the added gauge cluster chrome do-kicky. Which part are you looking for?
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    Cub cadet commercial

    The hydraulics ended with the 3000 series along with the shaft driven attachments. The steering and deck lift are all electric now. They make a sleeve hitch that looks like a manually operated version from a 1970's Sears machine but I think there is an aftermarket version with an electric...
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    Cub cadet commercial

    I'm sure they are pretty well built but here are my thoughts. I owned a Lesco ZTR that was built by MTD but found it almost impossible to get parts for so I ended up trading it on an 1863. Cub Cadet has failed at pretty much everything they have built (2000 to today). The 3000 series (a...
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    Cub cadet commercial

    I can't believe Cub Cadet makes equipment like that. Who would buy that over an Exmark or Scag for probably the same price?
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    Gannon Excavator

    Fastenal will ship it for you.
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    Parts For Sale 3000 series front bumper for sale

    What deck does it have, what condition is the seat in, complete drive shaft and is the spool valve still available? TIA, Todd
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    done with my cub cadet 1512

    Looks good Deryl. Will you be plowing with it at the next PD Vince puts on?
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    Gardens 2021

    Here is my corn (Bodacious)as of last week, it should be ready to pick later this week. Hopefully the coons and the deer won't beat me to it. I planted this in April and when it was about 6" tall we got hit with a late frost and I lost about 20% of the plants.
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    982 trouble

    The P series use a different ignition system then does the B48 engine. There is a crank sensor and magnet behind the flywheel. They do fail and cause issues like you describe once the engine warms up. It sounds like this may be your issue if that is the engine you have. The engine will need to...
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    982 trouble

    Are you getting 12 volts on the + terminal of the coil? Loosen the connections on the coil and re tighten them, sometimes that will help. Also check the connections on the condenser too. Do you have the service manual for the B48G? Here is a link to the link for the free manual. Manual - Onan...
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    ID on a 2185 no SN

    Check the engine serial number to see when it was built and that might get you close too.
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    Rear pto on a cub cadet 2182

    Grab (2) AX30 belts, remove rear plate, take the tension off of them with small pulley and install the new belts.
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    1864 Cadet PTO Clutch bearing R and R

    I've used many 6206 double sealed bearings off of E-bay and never had an issue. I think the ones I have purchase were a little less than $25 for a sleeve of 10.
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    electric CC riding mower?! when did that happen?

    The 95's are cool and I'd like to have one someday. The LT42E...not so much. Just think of all the money you will save not having to buy gas! Of course they only cost $4K at Home Cheapo and look like a piece of crap. Cub needs to stick with what they know, building belt drive throw away POS...
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    kubota wg600

    Try this. Sorry, you might have to stand on your head to read it. That's from Sam's FB page.
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    New 3206

    Your tractor is engineering revision 1. It was built on June 29th, 2000 in the Brownsville TN plant on the 2nd assembly line and was the 108th machine built that day. 3206's were built from 2000-2002 and came with a Kohler Command CH20S engine and a CI rear with a differential lock. Be careful...
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    1782 diesel

    The D640 is a great engine. The problems with that machine will be the plastics and the wiring but if the price is right I would still grab it.