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  1. jbratton

    My Shop Build

    Its been a long time coming. 18x40 shop. (Wanted 30x30 but the layout of the land and easement restrictions compromised that idea) Still waiting on a garage door and electrical work to be done. I did all the concrete work with the help of my buddies. Can’t wait to get my Scout in there and my...
  2. jbratton

    Thoughts on a dethatcher

    Was wanting to know your guys thoughts on a grass dethatcher. It’s a 40” Agri-Fab from Tractor Supply.
  3. jbratton

    Original Snow Duty

    Blustery cold wind and snowing. Didn’t stop me from clearing the driveway.
  4. jbratton

    Cub Original Wheel Weight Color

    Had a question about the proper color of wheel weights for a 1961 Cub Cadet serial number 15766. Red or. Yellow? Or hard to say? The mower deck on this Cub was all white, so I didn’t know if this was considered an early Cub.
  5. jbratton

    Cub ‘O’ 3pt Install

    Does anyone have the instructions to install a 3 point hitch for a Cub Cadet Original? Thanks
  6. jbratton

    Battery Charger—Which one?

    Question for ya’ll, Which battery charger do you guys recommend, not only for these cub cadet tractors, but also for a scooter battery, my truck, wife’s car, and other riding lawn mowers? Appreciate the input.
  7. jbratton

    Kohler engine honing tool-which one?

    I’m interested in purchasing a engine honing tool for my Kohler 161 engine. Which one do you guys recommend and grit size? Thanks
  8. jbratton

    Side by side cub cadet

    Not mine. Saw this on Facebook market place.
  9. jbratton

    48” Mower Deck

    I’m looking for a 48” narrow frame mower deck for my Cub 147. Thank you.
  10. jbratton

    K161 Rebuild Help

    First time rebuilding an engine. Making a checklist of all tools and manual(s) needed to tear down and rebuild my K161. It is currently ‘locked up’. Any pointers, advice, and help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. jbratton

    Piston Ring Compression Tool?

    I’m getting a list ready of all the tools I need to rebuild my Kohler 161. Which piston ring compression tool do you recommend? Thanks!
  12. jbratton

    Carter Model N Carburetor Fine Tuning

    I recently went from a Walbro carb to a Carter Model N number 20 for one of my Cub Originals. I need help on the adjustments. Just rebuilt this carb. How many turns out from the ‘bottom out’ position do I start from?
  13. jbratton

    Cub ‘O’ Clutch Spring Choice

    Hello all, I’m in the process of rebuilding my clutch driveline and installing a Danco creeper on my 1962 Cub. I noticed the previous owner put a newer clutch spring, part number 932-3016, a heavy duty,RED in color spring. Is this necessary? This tractor will be used for dirt work/snow...
  14. jbratton

    Original Cub Headlights Pulsating

    I just installed headlights on my Original and they pulsate at high rpm speed. I have a new voltage regulator and wiring harness. I haven’t checked my starter generator on the output. Maybe not a proper ground? I’ll be digging more into this tractor today, any advice would help.
  15. jbratton

    My 147 Cub!

    Here is a couple pictures of my cub 147. Enjoy reading and asking questions on this forum. A lot of good guys on here.
  16. jbratton

    Archive through July 20, 2019

    Digger- on my Cub 147. Marty- It’s not locked up. Each spindle takes plenty of grease, comes out of the bottom and top. When leveling from front to back on the deck, I am a half inch off. The center deck blade is off by that much, and you can see it when looking at it.
  17. jbratton

    Archive through July 15, 2019

    Kraig- thank you for the schematics. I’ve never seen that before. You are super valuable to this forum! Gerry- Thank you for your input. It sure does help in my quest to better my 147. Ron- And last but not least, thank you for your insight. I appreciate it!
  18. jbratton

    Archive through February 24, 2019

    Hey guys— Bad day....broke my front axle in half on my ‘’61 Cub ‘0’. I was trying to remove the axle bolt from it. So, few questions, what is the best way to remove that bolt in the axle? Is there some other option other than that bolt? Also, how I’ll be needed a new front this...
  19. jbratton

    Archive through January 10, 2019

    Ron, Battery stays normal, doesn’t drain or get weak. I did replace all wiring with new and followed R. Bedell wiring diagram. I did not realize the amp meter had to be wired correctly. I did not see any - + on the amp meter itself. That’s for you help Ron. When I have a chance I will swap...
  20. jbratton

    1962 Cub 'O' Refurbish Part 2

    Serial Number 39001. Previous owner did the best job to restore this tractor. However, it was not torn down and gone through. Plan on complete refurbish. Also, tractor will be used for yard work and local parades. Question: I have a Danco underdrive creeper. Does the current driveshaft have...