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    Archive through September 12, 2019

    Austin- Did you remove/clean the main jet from the emulsion tube? It can be tricky and requires a proper fitting screwdriver. If it is "stuck" by all means don't try and force it too much. It doesn't take much to make it very difficult to remove by destroying the screwdriver slot. When I have...
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    Metal gas tank

    I came across a $100 deal for a Honda generator. It's a Honda EM3500SX and is 22 years old. I originally bought it for the engine for another application but I'm trying to give this generator a second life if possible. The gas tank was heavily crusted with varnish. I'm guessing it was full of...
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    Archive through November 26, 2018

    Larry- It's not necessarily a technical name as much as it is a common name. I can't remember what IH called it. And it shouldn't be hard to slip on the crank. Be sure and clean the crank/keyway well with some very fine emery cloth. I always clean the hole/keyway in the pulley as well. With a...
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    Archive through October 07, 2018

    Don- I've never been one to like change in cub colors but that is really sharp. Very good job! .
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    Archive through August 30, 2018

    Steve B. (Mr. Plow)- Is a land adjustment all I need to correct this curving? It starts off nice and straight and gets like this only after a few rows. It's cutting nicely and the 149 makes sure it throws the turf over. The moisture level is good as well. .
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    Fire Ants!

    With the recent rains we've had I've experienced an explosion of fire ants. After the standard YouTube visit I decided to get some 100% orange oil which I had to order online and hit them with boiling water in the meantime. I have a LP free standing cooker I made many years ago and a very large...
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    Archive through July 16, 2018

    Ethan- How lucky???!!! The 149 is my favorite cub. Since the "taking off" is an issue I'd get ready to split it and build your way back. The trunion slot will probably be a mess with plenty of slop in the linkage as well. I'd also replace the pump to rearend gasket while it's'd be...
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    Busy spring!

    Yesterday Barney found this 5 foot blacksnake down in the basement stairwell. This house was built in 1900 so things still have "yesterdays" signature so to speak. I do wish those rock walls could talk. Anyway, I thought about catching it and releasing it away from the house but it slithered...
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    CC 682 - My latest repair job

    I actually did some trunion work on this unit 5 years ago. The owner, Brad, called and said he had recently taken it elsewhere to have some work done and it stayed for 3 months...and the problems weren't fixed. His father actually owns the tractor and had the paperwork from when I worked on it...
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    Paul Bell

    What happened on this thread? There's no reading...only posting(???). .
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    Archive through June 29, 2017

    Doug- I spoke with my "small engine guy" this morning and asked for his input. He said he has knocked the mess out of them and hasn't yet done damage to a crank. That's my biggest concern but at this point I'm thinking BFH. I would be reassembling things by now if the darn thing would come...
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    One sweet ride

    When I went to help my friend with his 128 yesterday he took me on a little tour of his six car garage. This '66 Ford Galaxy caught my eye right away. I think he said it had 28,000 original miles on it and EVERYTHING is original...interior as well as the paint. It has a 428 with a 4 speed trans...
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    Cub Cadet blowing leaves

    Question for any and all... Did IH offer a front mounted leaf blower such as this? The mule drive looks to be home made(?) There's also another video of a QL with a 24" blower (monster) mounted similar to this on YouTube. .
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    Guess what it is!

    This is something that I've been thinking about for some time now. I put it together and it works well so far. It's about 8" long and the two pieces of angle are welded together. It also has a rubber pad glued where you see it. It has to do with wide frame cubs and won't work on others (I don't...
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    Archive through October 02, 2016

    Charlie- That's all I needed and I thank you. I assume Kraig has the day off. .
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    Archive through June 28, 2016

    I think this just goes to show us how forums can give so much more than just the subject matter. I made a great friend here and I think Nic B hit the nail on the head by saying, "it's a sad day for IHcubcadet" R.I.P. Don Tanner .
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    Archive through June 23, 2016

    Harry- One of Jasons pics shows the 1250 had external brakes. I thought you would have seen that "right off the bat". Just an FYI. Also, the only way he could tell which pump was in the best condition is by opening both and comparing conditions. That would be a major job. The good news...
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    Archive through May 21, 2016

    Brian- If I were you I'd plan on going through the entire clutch. What you have has probably given 30+ years of service and it's just time to make it ready for another 30. Check out the manual section too to get a good idea as to what you'll be up against (if you don't have manuals on hand)...
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    Carb float spring???

    I was searching through a box of carbs today looking for a #30 after finding a #26 on one of the 149s. I found one and upon opening it up I found this spring supporting the float. Have I just overlooked something common or is this standard in any shape or form? I've opened a bunch of...
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    Merle Haggard has died

    My main man Merle died today which happens to be his birthday. He was 79 years old. He has always been one of my favorites. R.I.P. Merle .