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    Fan really ??

    Oops. Yeah snap ring pliers and a fair amount of strong language are essential.
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    Fan really ??

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    Fan really ??

    Well, that's a thought - but I think the fan is a nylon type material, not much sticks to it. The biggest challenge was holding the 2 pieces in place whilst slipping the circlip on, a pain.
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    Fan really ??

    Yeah, I shoulda done that when I had it apart. I found these pics of my fan experiment, I had forgotten that I used a circlip rather than a hose clamp, that may be what held the original fan bits, can’t recall!
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    Fan really ??

    Yeah, good points on the seal wear, I hadn't thought of that. When I got my 1250 the driveshaft had at least a 1/4" off-center wobble from worn rag joints at the motor end, still worked but yeah the seals were gone, most likely from age rather than anything else - after a full rebuild with...
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    Fan really ??

    Well, I noticed some drips from my hydro on my 1250 this summer. Thought maybe I had over filled it but checked and it was at an ok level. I had removed the hydro about a year earlier to replace the cork gasket and was afraid it was leaking again…Then I noticed that the plastic fan which I had...
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    electric PTO clutch

    Or you could put 12V to them and see if they become magnets.
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    Plan ol' gas cap for 1450 plastic tank

    I was excited to see this thread as I have to use a pair of channel locks to get my cap on and off, it has the small hole, and it always weeps gas when running. The weep comes from the underside of the cap, not out the hole. Is that normal? I have replaced the rubber gasket but left the fiber...
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    Some extra parts

    Yes. A while ago, a local fella wrote a newspaper column and said ”I think the world is divided into 2 classes of people, those that throw trash out their car windows, and those that don’t” seems like a good dividing line to me… I worked in the recycling industry for about 15 years, designing...
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    1650 ~ Coil to Spark Plug Wire

    Oops, dang it, even checked it before I posted it. Thanks for the correction.
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    1650 ~ Coil to Spark Plug Wire

    If you wiggle the pto switch and it cranks, your problem is with the pto switch. First thing I would try is douse the switch with wd40, switching it back and forth so the wd40 can work it’s way inside. Also pull the connectors of the back off the switch and clean the spades… The pto switch has...
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    Pre paint prep

    Good to know. I’ve had a couple of traumatic experiences with incompatible paints, even lately with wall paint - don’t use sherwin Williams wallboard primer under Benjamin Moore paint! What a pain.
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    Pre paint prep

    I should probably have stated when noting my success with the rust oleum rusty metal primer that I do grind or sand whatever I’m painting to remove as much rust as I can. I don’t have a sandblasted tho, if I did I’d use it. Here’s a pic of the tub I did a few years back…a deeply pitted cast iron...
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    Pre paint prep

    Well, I’ve been using rustoleums “rusty metal primer” for about 4 years now, followed by their top coat (brushed or rolled on) First time I used it was on the outside of an old cast iron bathtub (had been outside for years) where I couldn’t get all the way down into the pores to get the rust...
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    New Member from SE PA with a 124.

    If you can wait a day or two, get yourself a left hand #7 drill, as you drill the screw out it will spin right out. McMaster has them, sometimes fastenal does if you have a branch nearby. I've done this many times on busted screws, works amazingly well. At work I had a full set of the standard...
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    RIP Rush Limbaugh

    Hey, doesn't he want to be called Doctor Sebastian Gorka? or did he drop that when Jill Biden made it uncool. As far as Rush goes - In my opinion he made his millions telling people that they were under attack, downplaying the covid epidemic, and claiming Trump won. Meanwhile, the republicans...
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    Texas State totally shut down

    Well, this is an interesting discussion, its good to see different opinions. Thanks to all for keeping it calm! I regards to over-regulation, yes there certainly are egregious examples of it, as an engineer I had to do a lot of work on complying with regs on our machines. Some made sense, some...
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    Have Lathe , will travel...

    That is cool! I was a mechanical engineer for a company called Tigerstop, we made nc stops for chopsaws, and more complicatred systems as well. We had a large box truck fully set up with 5 or 6 machines with our stuff on them, it toured the country doing demos at wood and machine shops. Had its...
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    Texas State totally shut down

    Yes, the freeze has affected all forms of power generation. Texas gets about 10% of it's energy from wind power, I think. Lack of planning and funding for more extreme weather that is coming has affected all sectors. Wind power generators off the North sea work fine in the depths of winter, so...
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    Help with Cub Cadet mower deck

    I had the same kind of problems with my 1250. I recommend disregarding the " official" length, and instead using a belt length that makes BOTH pulleys below the PTO pulley directly in line, i.e. a straightedge across the flanges on the PTO just about touches the outside diameter of the idler...