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    Gravely Project

    Boy picked this up for us to play with
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    Northern Tool buys Jacks Small Engines
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    Dave Kirk shoutout

    Kirk Engines received a shoutout on the lastest “Taryal Fixes All” video on YouTube
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    Dads 122

    Somewhere along the line he bought an 1812 and this sat. In 93 I borrowed it. Used it a couple of times and it threw the rod through the block. I stuck it in the shed. Around 2001 I found an engine. I took the entire tractor apart an was going to redo it. Life got in the way and it sat in boxes...
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    0630 kind code

    Have a 1250 here with a 0630 kind code. In the FAQ that shows up. It indicates it is a 1250 (hvc). Anyone know what the hvc means?
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    K301 crank movement

    When the piston is at top dead center I can move the crank maybe a 1/4 inch without the piston moving. I can see the rod through the cam hole and it moves. Thinking this is not normal. Would this be slop where the rod attaches to the piston pin?
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    102/122 head attachment

    Anybody with a 102/122 using a high boss head. If I’m right I think there’s studs in the holes where the fuel tank mounts and where the heat shied mounts. Put the head on then a thick washer and a skinny nut. Put on the tank mount then a lock washer then nut. Is that correct?
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    4.80-8 inner tube

    When putting tubes in a 4.80-8 tire should the straight or 90 degree valve stems be used?
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    106 PTO

    Buddy has a 106 that he bought used. Some previous owner put wide frame springs on the PTO clutch. They are all misaligned and the clutch won’t disengage. I’m going to redo it for him but I can’t get the clutch to release enough to get the set screws aligned with the notches on the basket...
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    K301 leaking oil

    Have my buddy’s 129 here. Looks like it’s leaking oil out the flywheel side seal. I know the seal could be and probably is bad. My question is I popped the dipstick out a little while it was running. Got a lot of pressure out of the hole. Could there be enough crankcase pressure from cylinder...
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    Where do Charlie’s FAQ’s reside nowadays?
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    Brother diagnosed with esophageal cancer that has spread. Course of action they are taking indicate that it’s not going to be a good outcome. Sees oncologist Wednesday.
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    Archive through May 31, 2018

    I always replace the race when I replace a bearing.
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    Archive through March 03, 2017

    Jason-Chock block.
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    Archive through December 16, 2016

    Replace the piston. Chances are the bore will be tapered or out of round and require reboring anyway.
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    New Grand baby on the way

    Just found out got a new grand baby coming in May.
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    Archive through August 10, 2016

    David-You are genleman and a scholar and my new best friend. This carb sat in a box of parts for 24 years. I soaked and cleaned that carb two times and made sure every passage was clear, except the vent. Got out my torch tip cleaners and dug out the remnants of a mud dauber nest. Reset the float...
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    Archive through July 31, 2016

    Archive bug. My first time. Try again.
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    Archive through May 10, 2016

    Any K301 head gasket I've gotten was metal. I got a Kohler gasket for a K161 and now they're a graphite composite gasket. Parts guy said that's all they make for the 161. Anyone use one before?