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    New to site need advice on 1572 D

    JD,He doesn't need the cash or he wouldn't have offered.He trusts you or he wouldn't have offered.He wants you to have it but old school says you have to earn it...30 an hour for yard work that's .50 a min,I want the it...he wants you to have it...
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    avoiding the pain of a yard vac

    This my second conversion of a yard vac trailer type.Age is a more on your knees trying to lift an engine and a cast flywheel that weighs near 100 lbs to hook it up to your mower. The parts ,being true to my nature, are all used except for new steel for side braces and new bolts. I...
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    All Things Deer

    Greg, gotta get at least 1 more deer.There is a grandson in the Navy on top of the list.It's kinda funny how many friends I have at the end of deer season...
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    1962 Cub... a work in progress.

    never heard that before...amazing...just have to learn to live with where your at...
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    All Things Deer

    Nov.22 just finished processing my first deer of the yr....No. 77 for my 50 cal muzzleloader(I'm old school black powder/round ball)....But the fixin' is great....slice across grain of meat approx. 1/4 thick. Their are several muscles in a hind that make super jerky ...marinade: 1 cup water 5...
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    1962 Cub... a work in progress.

    Todd, a few months ago I worked a 128 that was packed with mouse fluff so hard around the flywheel it wouldn't turn over easily. Had to remove all shrouds and what a pile it was... Cats don't get 'em all.
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    1650 engine mounts..need help

    Not long ago someone was discussing engine mounts for quietline..They commented that a "moog" part no. was pretty close or at least functional...anybody remember??? I have crs which means I don't know where I wrote it down...thanks in advance!!!
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    XT1 repair

    Paul, consesus is prices not too far out but consider're paying someone more than a dollar a minute to do things you can do...air filter,oil filter,spark plugs, if you do these on a regular basis (100 hrs or so) you would also save 60 hauling fee....I still don't get the valve cover...
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    XT1 repair

    I'm aware of parts cost today but 160 hrs and replacing a carb and valve cover..I'd ask why..80 an hr has become common unfortunately... diggers right..learn to do your own if you can......the other parts seem high retail but hang on it's not over yet....
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    WWII Farmall H

    I'm cool with that !!!
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    WWII Farmall H

    Brian , I'm sure the family will be very pleased,especially your dad. I don't know where you are but that pic looks like the Rainey Rd bridge just down the road from me....awesome work !!!
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    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    Robert, don't forget to clean a path to the outhouse....
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    1862 Governor surging

    Matt, then I'm certainly not thinking of the right engine...sorry for mistake...
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    1862 Governor surging

    Are you sure the very small spring around throttle shaft is still attached ??
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    Cub Cadet 3206

    James,have you tried unhooking kill wires to coils ,then check for spark.., if you get spark you've got a short somewhere in the kill wire..
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    getting stuck: sub/compact tractor or UTV?

    Here's a clue to used 4 wh...If it has scratches/gouges on top of the fenders, the odds are good it came down hill the wrong way.A lot of young folks are hill climbing with them so look them over careful . 2 wh drive is not great in snow either...just sayin' A "dealer" told me the good Yams...
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    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    Jay, those drift cutters on the old cub are an ominous sign..
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    Latest Project

    marvelous detail on refurb of old iron....
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    Last mowing of the year

    Most leaves are down so it seems a bit drab but a cup of coffee and a few minutes makes the world issues seem un important...won't be long this view will be white
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    149 voltage regulator nightmare

    JD, it seems like a pretty smart question to me.....