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  1. mjame

    Parts For Sale IH rear wheel weight

    I have one cast iron IH wheel weight. 45.00. located in Richmond, VA. PM me if intereste.
  2. mjame

    Unexpectedly my son pased away.

    Horrible news. Sorry for your loss.
  3. mjame

    Parts For Sale 3 speed transmission

    i have a 3 speed transmission removed from a model 100. Its in good shape with all the gears working. 135.00. pick up in Mechanicsville, VA 23116 PM me if interested
  4. mjame

    We lost a long time member

    I didn’t realize he was that young. Sorry to hear that news.
  5. mjame

    Parts For Sale 6x12 wheels

    A nice pair of Vintage narrow 6x12 wheels used on the older models. $75.00 pick up in Richmond, VA. PM me if interested.
  6. mjame

    2nd Coil

    I’ve got a few NOS Kohler coils. not the cheap stuff we are relabeled from China. PM me if interested.
  7. mjame


    I’m pretty sure the Governor in VA has banned any parades and patriotic events, unless of course you’re a “peaceful protester” then of course you are free to burn and loot at will. The only sellers regret I’ve ever had was selling off my bit coins.
  8. mjame


    Probably too pretty to just be sitting in a shed. I’ll put it to work this summer
  9. mjame


    I’ve sold all my cadets, j Cubs, loboy, and wheel horses. Selling the first few was difficult but it got easier as time went on. Its nice to have the space, a few extra dollars in my pocket and all the new owners are enjoying them. I didn’t use my 72 for two years. I fired it up last week and...
  10. mjame

    Wheel weights

    I currently don’t have any in stock.
  11. mjame

    Wheel weights

    I sell the IH stamped for 125.00 a pair. Ive used that price for years. most of the ones i sell go to the J Cub collectors and used as front weights. The steel, non IH stamped, weights sell for 75.00.
  12. mjame

    Wheel weights

    What’s your definition of high?
  13. mjame


    From those who want a 100% correct restoration. NOS Kohler 231281 coil. Correct and in original package. 95.00 Located in Richmond, VA. Shipping is availabl. PM me if you are interested.
  14. mjame

    NOS Kohler Muffler (Small can style Version)

    NOS Kohler muffler KN-23410 or KN 230410-S. For the true restoration this is a stamped with Kohler 100% accurate part for the k161, k171 and some k181. 75.00 located in Richmond, VA. Shipping available. PM me if interested.
  15. mjame

    K181 Recoil

    I’ve got one left. ill PM you
  16. mjame

    Engine Builder / Machine Shop in Pennsylvania/New Jersey/Delaware ?

    I’m 5 hours to Pittsburgh VA Hospital.