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    Voltage Reducer ?????

    If some previous owner replaced the coil with some aftermarket coil, it may have needed that resistor to control the supplied voltage to the coil. For testing purposes, you can bypass it and run straight to the positive side. Just be aware that it may overheat the coil so don't run it like...
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    Parts For Sale Old style deck available

    any idea on the width?
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    electric lift switch maybe issue

    CLICK on his name ( in blue ) and start a "conversation"
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    My 106 needs some giddy up and go

    What is the problem? Any symptoms?
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    Cub Cadet 122 Headlights and housing

    I don't know about that Harry. But it does mean that it could've been used for Brake & Turn signals in addition to Running lamp. With the right pigtail of course.
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    149 Tiller installation

    The drive on the front of the engine is called the Power Take Off, (PTO) - the mule is the part that turns the belt 90 degrees, and yes, you'll need the solid pulleys as the stamped steel ones will probably give up the ghost soon after you start tilling. And also the pulley that is spring...
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    Cub Cadet 122 Headlights and housing

    Harry, it is right in front of the red wire, look close or maybe resize the pic. you'll see a hole.
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    What'll I do now!

    I agree with the others, and Hydro Harry has a point! I think you should at least disassemble 'til you find the real issue.
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    Wheel weights

    :feint:Ah... it's only an 1/8" per side... LOL :cubwinker:
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    1977, 1650 project

    Times 2, get a replacement axle if possible and how are the pulleys on the mule drive?? What a mess.. must've been some noisy with them pulleys dragging against that axle!
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    I need help

    Well of course you didn't NEED it.... but now you NEED the washer to go with it.... or maybe better a racer !! Yeah, that's it!! A racer will be cool!
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    1977, 1650 project

    A PROPERLY soldered connection, with the vibration experienced in these machines, will break the wire at the adjoining connection of the copper wire and the solder. That's why there are no solder connections in airplanes, if the wire moves / shakes, it will work harden and break. There are MANY...
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    HD PTO break style clutch and carburetor for a 149

    click on the tab above for CC Specialties, Charlie will fix you up!
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    sloppy shifter 128

    Gary, see if this thread helps you out. Cub Cadet 102 shifter
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    Look what followed me home: a K321A replacement engine...NOS?

    I've had zero good experiences with Amazon.... I refuse to buy anything through that black hole!
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    Things that Kill my Cub time.

    I am curious as to your "interpretation of a "Kiddie Car"?
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    1782 pto belt tensione?

    Are you using a Cub Cadet Belt? If not, then all bets are off. Have you reviewed the service manual?
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    1A Tiller attachment to my 149

    Dion, in Diggers post - the middle sentence is a link, click it and choose your parts!
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    I just can't help myself!

    Love it! Although that seat looks a bit "hazardous".... LOL