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  1. PACub100

    CLEAN Jokes

  2. PACub100

    CLEAN Jokes

  3. PACub100

    CLEAN Jokes

  4. PACub100

    Snow Throwers

    What's the difference between the CW-36 and the QA-36 snow throwers? I have a QA-36 on my 100 that is super tired and I need to rebuild (in my abundant spare time 😐)...but I just came across a CW here local for $75 that's in a lot better shape than my QA.
  5. PACub100

    106 cub winter ready......I hope

    I second that - I hadn't even noticed the wheels. I would think it'd do pretty decent on gravel...
  6. PACub100

    Home build aerator

    I second that...I've never aerated my yard. Now I'm thinking I might just have to try it 🤔
  7. PACub100

    106 cub winter ready......I hope

    I'm getting ready to do the same south of you... I am thinking of putting the deck on my 100 and using it for whatever grass mowing needs done, meanwhile put the speed-up pulley on the snow-thrower and get it mounted to the 1450. I'm also thinking of building some sort of windbreak with screen...
  8. PACub100

    Model 12 16 gauge

    Did I miss something?...what calibers are they in Steve? :unsure: I haven't hunted in years but I really like my Remington 788 7mm-08. My dad bought it used for my first rifle when I was 14 because it was cheap enough. Added a Tasco 4x scope as well. I've found that in the woods, that scope...
  9. PACub100

    Parts For Sale Two mostly complete Cub Cadets

    Go get know you want to....😜
  10. PACub100

    1950 Farmall Cub

    Like my girlfriend says, "if it's free, it's for me!"...good score. My sister has one and it's definitely a fun little tractor to play with 👍😎👍
  11. PACub100

    Model 12 16 gauge

    Dad has and I grew up with a Wingmaster 16 GA. Love it. Really disappointed they quit making that size.
  12. PACub100

    Today's project

    I do believe it was time for a new seal. Amazing how much better the mower deck runs when you don't have oil spewing all over the drive belt. On the plus side, mule drive pulleys are running super smooth. 👍😎👍
  13. PACub100

    electric lift switch maybe issue

    you got quite a few there don'tcha? 😁 (y):cool:(y)
  14. PACub100

    Latest Project

    I think you are that rare 2.47% of homeowners with a garage and can actually use it. 😁 Looks very nice! (y):cool:(y)
  15. PACub100

    Any Sears fan lurking about?

    I never saw a blue Simplicity - only the orange and white. As long as it doesn't say F - O - R - D somewhere on it, it should be OK... :p :roflol:
  16. PACub100

    Any Sears fan lurking about?

    Sears tractors are cool to me as well. Though IH rules, I like alot of the older machines no matter what brand - well, as long as they're not blue. 🤣 Other brands I would be interested in checking out would be Case and Simplicity...
  17. PACub100

    Finally got the bug..

    I'm diggin' those push mowers - that's pretty cool to have. Personally, I like 3-rib tires in front, ags in back. I mean...if it's a garden tractor...why not, right? (y):cool:(y)
  18. PACub100

    I just can't help myself!

    That is pretty darn cool man (y) :cool:(y)
  19. PACub100

    the Safety gas cans, pain

    Yes, EZ-Pour. I remember when the local auto parts store first got them. The sign said "Not for dispensing petroleum products, for water can use only".