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  1. T-Mo

    1944 Farmall B

    I picked this up last month. It has the Henderson Midget loader. Runs good, but I had a small problem with the starter rod. But that's fixed now. Other than putting a new muffler and rain cap on it, and straightening the hood, it probably will stay as is.
  2. T-Mo

    Cub Cadet 5252E

    I see my local Deere dealer has a 5252E with 60 inch deck and 3 point hitch. It has under 300 hours. I did some preliminary research on these models, and most were not too glowing. But, I still may go take a look at it since it's at my local dealer, which I have a good relationship with...
  3. T-Mo

    New Date - Missouri Plow Day Nov. 28, Treloar, Missouri

    The November 7 plow day is canceled due to rain, so we will try again on November 28. Highways 94 and N, Treloar, Missouri, 9 am.
  4. T-Mo

    Missouri Plow Day, Treloar, Mo Nov. 7, 2015

    9am, corn stubble. Highways 94 and N, near Treloar, Missouri.
  5. T-Mo

    Missouri Plow Day

    The Missouri John Deere Two Cylinder Club wants, I repeat, wants garden tractors to be part of their club, including shows and plow days. This includes garden tractors of all brands, including Cub Cadets. Right now they have a plow day in the fall, but they are considering one in the spring...
  6. T-Mo

    Archive through December 15, 2010

    Charlie, Sorry for going off-topic again, but still this would be for Cub storage. May I ask what brand that tarp garage you posted a picture of is?
  7. T-Mo

    PA Plow Day April 2011

    They're raffling an off-topic tractor and Brinly plow for next April's (2011) plow day. Proceeds will go to the Van Allen family who lost a family member and a wfm member to leukemia. See:
  8. T-Mo

    Veterans Day

    I know it's a couple of days away, but one day, in my opinion, isn't enough to honor our veterans who gave up the comforts of home to fight for our freedom. Check the following videos. Staff Sergeant (E-6)...
  9. T-Mo

    Archive through September 26, 2010

    More pictures from Cub-arama
  10. T-Mo

    FYI - Why Make Your Passwords Long?

    Why You Make Your Passwords Long Have you ever wondered how long it takes an attacker to try all possible pass-words of five lowercase letters from a-z? Well, there are only 265, or about 11 million total passwords to guess during a brute force search. With the sophisticated password cracker...
  11. T-Mo

    Man, it's been a hot summer

    It's been so hot here in Missouri, that look what it done to this ice cream truck.
  12. T-Mo

    Member Lyle Baker

    Guys, I saw this across the street. Lyle Baker has passed away. Here's his profile here: Here's an excerpt from his daughter who email a member from across the street who knew Lyle. I...
  13. T-Mo

    Cub Cadet You Tube Commercials

    Cub Cadet Commercials on YouTube. I found these first on OCC.
  14. T-Mo

    Archive through July 01, 2010

    Thanks, Marty. I had forgotten that I added your 128 a few months back. It looks great.
  15. T-Mo

    Bye-Bye Mercury

    As most here has probably already heard, Ford will kill off the Mercury line. Here's a link to some all-time best Mercury TV commercials, one with Farrah Fawcett and a couple with Jill Wagner.
  16. T-Mo

    Archive through May 26, 2010

    Don, I didn't know Cub made a rear wheel steering?
  17. T-Mo

    Archive through May 24, 2010

    I have nothing but narrow frames here, not counting the two 2000 series I have. I wouldn't mind finding a wide frame, would love to own a 82 series. I wouldn't toss out a QL, but I'm not looking for any either. It seems like when you have the money, you can't find any decent ones. When you...
  18. T-Mo

    Pictures of Iceland's volcano

    Pictures of the volcano last week in Iceland.
  19. T-Mo

    The Sky Before Katrina

    The sky before Katrina. Amazing pictures of an amazing storm.
  20. T-Mo

    1811 on Machine Finder

    I might go look at this one: I know it has a lot of hours, but the price doesn't seem bad. And it's not that far from me. I have been wanting a slightly newer Cub Cadet to use as a mowing machine. I have a couple of 2135s, but this...