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    K241 head bolts

    What length head bolts will I need for my 100 with the high boss head? I believe 3 of them need to be a bit longer? Thanks.
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    Kohler K241 Engine

    Selling a nice Complete Kohler K 241 10 hp engine. The Engine was tested in a cub cadet 100. don’t know much about it other than it starts and runs with my Carburetor. It will come with a different. Carb that I have not tested. It is a complete engine including gas tank, Starter and Clutch...
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    Cub 100 paint color

    Can you guys tell my what color the hood and rims are on a 100? It seems to be a cream color on mine. Thanks a lot’
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    100 engine oil leak

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been into a k series motor. My engine has a small oil leak on the clutch side of the crank seal. Any advice on changing the seal out would be great, thanks.
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    Cub 100 painting

    I’m in Southwest Ohio and I’m looking for someone that is really good to paint my 100. It is in overall good shape. It has 3 different shades of yellow. Thanks
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    She was just looking good in the sun. I thought about parting with her, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I really don’t need it, but it’s hard to let it go also!
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    Wanted Cub 100

    I’m looking for a completely restored Cub 100. I don’t need any attachments. I’m in Southwest Ohio.
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    Original deck question

    Will an original mower deck and all the mower mounting brackets fit my 100? Thanks Mark
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    Made my 8 year old Granddaughters Day

    Actually it made mine!
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    Finally worked the 100

    I done a bunch of yard work today with the 100 for the first time since I’ve owned it. I hauled a bunch of wood and cleaned up a bunch of sticks and she didn’t miss a beat. I’m very happy so far!
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    100 front rims

    It’s my understanding that the 100 came with the option of narrow or wide front rims. Is there a source for the Narrow rims? Thanks
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    Cub 100 break in.

    I just serviced both of these. The Cub runs even better since I put the proper coil on it. Look how far technology has came. I just purchased this Scag Tiger Cat 2 last fall. It has 14 hours on it.
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    She is done

    finally finished the 100 up this morning. Just about everything has been replaced or rebuilt except for the transmission and rear end. The rear end oil was drained, to my surprise the oil was fairly clean. I replaced the oil with Hytran. All new tires and wheel bearings have been replaced. The...
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    Final steps

    I bought a used tank on EBay. It is like new on the inside, I tried to make the outside look the same🤪. The 100 is getting new tires all the way around today.
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    Thanks Everyone

    I just wanted to thank everyone for helping getting my 100 where it is today! Special thanks to Dmerkle. He has went way out of his way to help me. He is probably one of the nicest guys you could meet. I bought this thinking it didn’t need much boy was I wrong. The engine was shot, the clutch...
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    Been a long Day

    I finally got it running.
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    100 getting closer

    I get my Clutch back Tomorrow. Everything is pretty much new. I should have it running tomorrow or Sunday.
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    Rear End Oil

    Any of you guys use this from Napa? Thanks
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    100 rear tires

    What is a good non lug tire for the 100? Thanks Mark