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    Parts Wanted ISO CubCadet 1050 side panels.

    Henry, I'm willing to sell one panel for $65 or both for $75 plus shipping and Paypal fee. When you say carburetor panel are you saying left side when sitting on the seat (an 1811 has carburetor in middle between 2 cylinders)? Call me at 919-426-7543 if still interested. Mike B
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    Parts Wanted ISO CubCadet 1050 side panels.

    I can sell you my spare 782/1811 panels for $100 plus shipping also. Thanks, Mike
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    1050 side panels

    I've gpt an extra pair off a spare 1811 in North Carolina near Raleigh. Not sure how to get them to you though. They are in good shape with just a little surface rust.
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    Hello from NC

    Except for the rear end not being cast iron like my 872, my 1811 certainly seems superior in almost every other aspect. I've actually done about everything imaginable to my 1811 including setting it on fire once when a spark from the pto wire set afire a bunch of dry grass at the front of the...
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    Hello from NC

    Well I think I finally figured out how to post here so I just want to say I've got a 1982 IH CC "red" 782 and a "yellow" 1986 CC 1811. I just got the 782 (because I thought the 1811 was done) but I've tried to kill the old 1811 for 21 years and 2400 hours of beat it to death use. The amazing...