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  1. Adam Olczak

    Any Sears fan lurking about?

    Since getting my 106 Cub to a reliable state, I've been working on getting a recently acquired "4 pack" of Suburban tractors back into running/salable shape. Ended up with a horribly hacked up GT18, and three Super 12s of varying years that need some love, but are otherwise un-molested...
  2. Adam Olczak

    106 swamp resurrection. Of sorts

    I'd assume this thread will likely be familiar to anyone whose ever dug into a unit that's been sitting for at least a decade. FYI Day 3 of being a Cub owner. Put 4 tires on the donor(possibly) 104 unit so I could move it around some after washing it. Got it set up on the hoist and dug in a...
  3. Adam Olczak

    Hello from southeast MI!

    I've been lurking here and making notes for a basically a month now, but since I finally got 1.5 Cub Cadets of my own yesterday, I figured I'd register up and join the community. I'm a 27 year old mechanic from small town USA, MI with 4 acres of yard to manage in my free time. Being a fan of...